25 Best Kept Secrets to Enhance Your Career…Fast!


1. WAKE UP! Get up! Stand up! Be up!

2. Give your clients a shampoo to remember

3. Greet them like you haven’t seen them in years

4. Listen more than talk

5. Offer new services and fresh ideas

6. Teach your clients how to manage their look

7. Introduce them to the salon staff

8. Pre-book! (If you book them, they will come)

9. Be happy or FAKE IT ‘til you make it

10. Educate yourself in all areas of life

11. Challenge yourself with new possibilities

12. Surround yourself with great people

13. Keep a Rolodex of resources

14. Be a team player

15. Be a contributor in everything

16. Say Yes to everything you can!

17. Believe you can

18. Don’t rush success: You need the lessons

19. Good enough is NOT good enough…Be STELLAR

20. Set a Sail

21. Who you are has more to do with who you become than anything else

22. Be resilient! Always try to recover from adversity

23. Reframe…remember if it’s not working, shift your thinking. Be adaptive, not rigid.

24. Cultivate!! Prepare yourself to grow, keep improving

25. Be Bold, Be Confident, Be HUNGRY!



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