Kathy Jager & Associates

The Soft Skills Expert

Who We Are…

Kathy Jager and Associates is an Educational Company that helps bring Growth and Vibrancy to the beauty industry.

We partner with Beauty Schools to enhance the overall experience of today’s cosmetologist by training your teachers HOW to have an enormous impact with students by teaching the core essential Soft Skills” that makes the defining difference to success. This concept centers on helping professionals develop, master and remain committed to the beauty industry by providing valuable leadership and interpersonal skills that go beyond the beauty school program.

We are passionate professionals who can connect with school owners and teachers to deliver high energy, fun; interactive educational learning that supports the overall experience of the student and the teacher. We offer timeless teaching tools that support the school’s course curriculum by preparing the students for real world interactions and help them to discover the success principles needed to apply to their education. Our custom designed programs demonstrate the powerful effects of engaged learning while inspiring beauty professionals to create a lifetime career.


Our Goal:

We engage your student with the human touch!


Our Products:

  • Industry Speaker

  • Trainings/ Workshops

  • Educational Materials

  • Text Books/ Teacher Manual


Contact Names:

Kathy Jager — (Primary) Owner

Martin Jager — Manager

Elise Sabatino —Executive Assistant

Camille Greco — Marketing Consultant

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