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WHAT? WHY? Everyone loves that cup! Red Solo Cups are a staple at parties, picnics, sport games and dive bars. People love drinking from this fun cup. It’s a social thing; especially with the 20- something crowd and college students. They all can’t wait to post pictures with their friends drinking out of the red solo […]

Successfully Branding your Salon Persona!

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The Salon Business is a people business filled with all types of personalities, but what about your salon personality? Are you clear about the image you are presenting to the public? In other words how do you market your salon style? Branding your salon gives your business an identity and helps build your your reputation. […]

Finding the GOLD in people that drive you CRAZY!

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Have you ever had a client drive you so crazy that you felt like firing them? Can you? Did you ever want to say “I’m sorry; nothing I’m doing is making you happy so I think its best that we part ways and you find another stylist? Should you? There is no doubt that we […]

Ten BEST Marketing ideas to help build Loyal Clients!

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The beauty industry is forever changing and with all the different models of doing business today, clients have many options to choose from. How do we keep our existing clients from browsing other salons and what can we do to build new business along the way? The smartest way to achieve your business goals is […]

Best Practices on How to TEACH students to cut kids hair…

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A crash course in the basics! Everyone deserves and wants a great hair cut… even kids! Getting your hair cut can have a powerful effect on the lives of many people no matter what their age is. It is a very personal experience that has a big impact on the way they will feel when […]

Diversify your career! You… Reinvented!

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Everyone needs an occasional makeover  Success as a cosmetologist requires more than just talent and hard work: you also have to manage to keep progressive within your industry. It means stretching yourself to do something you never did before. Try different avenues within the cosmetology field and learn to diversify your career so that you […]

Guaranteed Ways to Wow a Client

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Let’s give them something to talk about… In today’s competitive world in the beauty industry, getting a new client is a gift. You have to really understand what our business is all about first, and that it is about servicing PEOPLE. When you put people first and take a genuine interest in who they are […]

What is the difference between a Sole Proprietor and an Independent Contractor?

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Here is a simple explanation from a tax expert! Answer: Here’s the short answer – You can be BOTH a sole proprietor and an independent contractor. You can be a sole proprietor as a taxpayer, paying your taxes on Schedule C, along with your personal income taxes. At the same time, you can be an independent contractor as it relates […]

Will you be there to Experience it?

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It’s Our Biggest, Boldest, and most Beautiful Show Yet! * AMERICA’S BEAUTY SHOW March 21-23, 2015 * America’s beauty Show is know for bringing you the BEST of education from Industry Icons around the world…  will you be there to experience it? Are you ready to be inspired? Do you value your profession enough to […]

Put a Little Love in the Tub!

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Put a Little Love in the Tub! * Go ahead, ask anyone… What is your favorite part of a salon service?  They always respond… What else…  the SHAMPOO! There is nothing better than having someone spend a few extra luxurious moments lathering up the bubbles and offering you a little piece of heaven at the shampoo bowl.  Shampooing some ones head is the […]

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