HELP! I’m Burnt Out!


It’s 9:00 am and your weekly has just arrived! The only problem is… you’re not ready for her today, your tired, burnt out and not in the mood to be nice let alone do some more hair.  You just got finished from months, perhaps years of non-stop action packed, moneymaking hair mania and your just too exhausted (can you believe it) to give your client the best of you.

What do you do?  There she is anticipating her friendly service, desiring that special attention you always give to her, you know, that magic you create that makes her feel really good, and she stands there with a big smile knowing your going to whip out that awesome doo that she proudly wears on her crown all week long.  The pressure is on, and you need to find your spirit fast.



Being a professional means being able to adjust to all types of situations. One thing that might help you re-frame your thinking when you are in a burnt out state is to do a personal check.  Look at yourself for a while and try to evaluate where you are lacking in your quest for personal happiness.  Take time to find out if all that you have in your life is what you want, and if it were not, then you would need to reposition yourself to obtain the things that you feel is important.  Example; If you have been working your whole life, providing for a family or yourself without any extra FUN activities to balance out all the work, you will soon regret your position.  All you will hear about is how much life other people are living and if your not contributing to your own personal happiness besides work you will soon feel like your totally burnt out.  Burnout comes when you are UN balanced.



Burn out is when you continue to do the same thing year after year after year without any variety. Variety provides you with the chance to see things in a new light; it offers inspiration, fresh ideas a new view. It stimulates your mind to desire change.  We all get compulsive it is up to us individually to take responsibility for our own happiness and create the life we desire.  We need to be the change, to look for it and then act on it.  To be the leader of our own band and go find what it is that we are missing that makes us feel Burnt out. Go to a show out of town, join an association, network with businesses in town and brainstorm an event. Hang around with some new people, go to a new restaurant, and join a new club. It’s all out there, just get going!



Just like you would build the muscle in your body to make it feel stronger and perform for you better, you need to work out your emotions that make you feel tired and unmotivated.  You need to start a new routine with yourself and work on the things that are missing.  You need to write down what it is that you really like to do or wish you had the extra time to do it and then make the time to incorporate it in your life.  Like incorporating a new workout routine. You know how fantastic you’ll look and how positive you’ll feel when you are doing what you love to do. Your whole attitude will change just because you decided to create something new for yourself.  Don’t forget, you must commit to it, keep continuing to do it, and you will enjoy all the benefits of a fulfilled life. Just like an appointment …pencil it in on your daily schedule!

You will soon discover HOW MUCH FUN life is again and this will be the jump start of your recovery from burnout.

One last thing…

ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL, remember the client chose YOU!

Kathy Jager

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