Hook Them at the Shampoo Bowl!


Go ahead, ask anyone “What is your favorite part of a salon service?”

They almost always respond with “What else…the SHAMPOO!


There is nothing better than having someone spend a few extra luxurious moments lathering up the bubbles and offering you a little piece of heaven at the shampoo bowl.  Shampooing someone’s head is the beginning of your introduction to what type of service they can experience during their visit with you.

The shampoo is your opportunity to “hook them” with your personal touch! This time well spent will set the tone of TRUST that they are in good hands and will be well taken care of. Our business is about SERVICE, and the service starts the moment a client enters the door and continues throughout the whole salon visit.

The shampoo is where they make a conscious decision on whether it is a place where they belong. If you’re weak in this area, the client will not be convinced that they want to go sit in your chair. The shampoo has to prepare them for what’s next and leave them with a feeling of confidence and relaxation.

Let’s make every shampoo one they will remember!

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