Thinking about going Solo?


Are you ready to take the big leap and open the doors of freedom and independence? Or do you like the comfort of knowing you can depend on co-workers and salon management to keep you going? What‘s right for you? Both journeys allow for different experiences that provide necessary knowledge that supports the passion for your career.

In your first few years you need certain aspects of salon life to fully understand the way the business is run. The people that you work with are also your mentors and educators that help shape and polish the skills that you will always take with you in your quest to discover your own style of being a beauty professional. Those first few years can give you insight to new horizons, career choices, and networking opportunities that lead you to the next level and give you a foundation to grow on.

5 Tips to think about before you become independent: 



Everyone works more proficiently with a little structure. It sets the tone with a system in place that everyone is requested to follow. Structure works well to get a team to work together because it provides rules and guidelines. Without it, everyone creates his or her own set of rules. The salon atmosphere may become unmanageable, and the salon filled with a negative attitude. So if you understand the value of structure, your salon life can be a great experience for you—one you can use as a blueprint for future.


Communication Skills to Build

For those of you who are still in the developmental period of your career, working in a salon is an excellent way to watch, listen and learn the creative ways to handle all the different personalities you will encounter. It is also a great way for you to view how to approach people with confidence, and how to develop your retail sales skills.

Communication is the biggest tool you use every day, and without developing this skill you will have a very hard time in this business. Learning how to talk with your clients and peers takes constant and consistent effort in order to feel confident when handling personality differences.


Paper work/ Responsibility

Having someone do all the behind the scenes work is a gift to some cosmetologists. Naturally we are artists, and that type of work really doesn‘t interest us. If you are a ―let me create and go‖ kind of person, then working in the salon is great for you. Your only paper responsibility is to yourself to know what you earned for the day. On the other hand, if it is the business skills that interest you, becoming an independent is an excellent way for you to learn how to become an entrepreneur.

You can start anytime by taking classes to build business skills either online, at a local college or at industry shows. A cosmetology career offers the opportunity to be self-employed. It is up to the individual how they will practice their craft. Your career will evolve to new levels as you progress. As your life changes so will your career and you have the flexibility and options to create a working situation that fits your needs.


Progressive Growth

Change is the word that comes to mind when you are in this business. You need to be able to move forward in order to stay with the times. Working in a salon environment opens the doors to keeping up with the latest trends and techniques because you are around a variety of co-workers who share with you their personal styles and techniques. Working with a combination of different people offers inspiration and influences you to become more creative with your own work. Not to mention the fact that a little competition never hurt anyone. It keeps you sharp and helps you discover your own uniqueness.

Being independent, you must be your own motivator and be able to know how to get inspiration. Your intuition is developed over time, but in the meantime, you still require stimulation to keep your energy high especially when you are working alone. Maintaining a level of professional skills demands continual education, and your success is determined by how well you keep your mental, spiritual and professional image alive. That‘s the first part of being an independent. The second part is learning how to become a small business owner.



It is only natural for people to want to grow and feel in control of their lives. Isn‘t that the goal—to be able to learn as you go and move on to the next challenge? We all desire the freedom to express ourselves in our own way. That is one reason why we want to go solo. But like everything else in life, we need experiences that give to us the necessary tools to withstand all of the challenges we encounter when working alone. Time, people, environment, and shared common interest all play a key role in the confidence you need to become an independent.


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