Do Soft Skills Make a Difference?

When it comes to success, it’s a fair question and it deserves answers!

Most people know what soft skills are but are reluctant to practice them with consistency in order to get the full concept of how valuable they are to the success of their life.

It is sad to know that only 1% of people will take the time to learn how to achieve success and strive to be the best at their craft. On top of that, only 3% of people intend to grow and develop their personal skills. Most people would rather complain about what they don’t have rather than put forth the extra effort it takes to make what they want actually happen.

According to industry experts, however, your formal educational foundation only contributes 15% of your success. The other 85% comes from understanding and applying Soft Skills.

What are Soft Skills? As much as you need technical skills you need to incorporate the benefits of Soft Skills as you continuously develop your career. “Soft skills” is a term relating to a collection of personal, positive attributes and competencies that enhance your relationships, job performance, and value to the market.

Some examples of Soft Skills include: effective communication, business and retailing basics, problem solving, conflict resolution, a commitment to integrity, goal setting, personal development, challenging yourself, staying open to change, delivering “Super Service”, accepting responsibility and criticism, time management and developing good habits.

Learning hard skills (technical) will help get the interview but you will need the Soft Skills to get and keep the job. Today’s business requires much more than an expert in the field, they are looking for the candidate who possesses the qualities that will be long lasting. Yes, beauty professionals have to be great at their craft. But what’s even more important are the social skills of our business that create the foundation of our industry.

Practice the defining difference of what truly matters when it comes to being a beauty professional. It is the essential Soft Skills that will make YOU stand out like a winner!

Today…. Take the challenge!

Become PRO ACTIVE! Start being better at everything, work, family, friendships, LIFE!

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Written By Ashli Baker


Late this February, my best friend (the girl who’s known every love, hate, embarrassing moment, quirk, crush, etc. of mine since the 2nd grade) had called me up late one night to tell me she had been diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She was to begin chemo that very next day. Needless to say, a rollercoaster of emotions has taken over me since then.  For a while though, it seemed surreal. Each time I visited the hospital, it felt as though we were having one of our typical sleepovers filled with girl gossip, junk food, and our dramatic teen soaps that only we as BFFs thought were the greatest TV shows ever made.

However, the reason why each visit felt like any other normal day of hanging out was because she did not appear to be sick. Sure, she seemed tired here and there, but she was eating (when I was told she’d lose her appetite), she was up and walking around (when I was told sitting up in bed would eventually be extremely hard on her), and…she had all of her hair (when I was told it WILL eventually fall out). The doctors had told us that her hair would definitely fall out around the 3rd week of chemo. “It’s like clockwork.” they said to us. I didn’t believe what I was being told, because what I was seeing was not the same. I thought of her as Superwoman and truly believed that if she was not falling into the common chemo symptoms, then her hair was NOT going to fall out. But the 3rd week of chemo came, and just as the doctors had said, like clockwork her hair began to fall out. In fact, it was coming out so fast that she quickly decided to get rid of it all. My next visit with her was tough on me. It quickly became real after seeing her without her pretty blonde hair.

After a month in the hospital, she was finally given the okay to return home but would still have to continue treatments. She immediately wanted to go searching for a wig and asked me if I would go with her and her mom to find the perfect one. Of course I said yes! So we ventured to a tiny wig boutique that was recommended to them by one of her father’s long time clients.

We walked into the shop and were warmly greeted by two elderly women. Once the “hellos” were over, one of the women had said “So you are getting a free wig today!?” The three of us looked at each other in confusion. We had no idea she was getting a FREE wig! The woman then proceeded to tell us that her father’s client had said she would pay for whichever wig she liked best. It was a pleasant and much unexpected surprise! Excitedly, we began searching throughout the store! After trying on a couple of wigs that could have worked, she put on the wig that looked almost exactly as her original haircut and style had looked. I couldn’t help but stare and apologized to her over and over again because of it, but in a split second my best friend was back and healthy! At least that’s what popped into my mind right away. Tears flooded my eyes again as I quickly remembered that she was not healthy, but surely on the road to it. Her whole demeanor had changed as she looked at herself in the mirror. It was so great to see her take the time to give herself a look of satisfaction, instead of just completely passing the mirror by. She was smiling and I loved that.

It’s hard for me to explain how I felt exactly in that moment, but it was as if I was staring into the future. I knew I would soon really see the picture of her healthy, truly happy, and playing with her long blonde hair again. This only made me want to cry more happy tears (Like I said, rollercoaster of emotions). The kindness and generosity from one person’s heart brought a glimmer of hope to the three of us, hope for what’s to come. I’m not sure if that woman knows the real gift she gave that day, but I know we’ll never forget it.


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