Are you performing STELLAR Customer Service?

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Be Our Guest! 


Did you ever stop to think of why you return again and again to your favorite restaurant? Was it the food, the variety of choices, the ambiance? Or was it the whole experience, from the moment you walked in the door until the moment you said, “See you next time”?

Whether you work in a restaurant or a salon, one of the greatest compliments you can receive from your guests is to watch them leave with a smile and, later, return with a friend! That confirms that you did everything in your power to satisfy each guest’s individual taste with a made-to-order experience. It shows that you captivated those guests by offering them the best of the best service with a spirit that inspires them to want to come back.

Comfort Counts

People return to establishments when they have a pleasant memory of how they were treated. They want to patronize a place where they feel safe and comfortable, where it’s easy for them to be themselves and where they maintain a positive self-image. They enjoy making a one-on-one connection, and they want to be acknowledged when they arrive.

Try to be versatile, able to relate to people of all ages. Everyone is fully human, and every client needs your undivided attention. Remember that our business is about people. Guests today require lots of attention, so don’t hold back when it comes to sucking up!

Service With a Smile

From the moment your guest walks through the salon door, throw that “service with a smile” into full throttle. One of the hardest things for a stylist to learn is how to stay UP at high energy all day long. It comes with practice; develop a daily habit to fake it ’til you make it! Each guest is a special person! It is your job to get your guests to love you.

Use every ounce of yourself to win them over, to get them believing that they have to come back because only YOU make them feel the way they do when they leave. Think about how you felt when someone gave you stellar service. Didn’t you want to come back to have that same feeling again?

Not Just the Hair Cut

Guests visit your salon for many reasons besides their hair needs. They come to share their life with you and to actually have you become a part of their life. Together, you’re making memories, creating a personalized experience and sharing a beautiful relationship that they will treasure for years to come.

Today, it’s a gift to be a cosmetologist. You not only possess the tools to make people look good, but also have the opportunity to give them a part of you that they’re proud to call their personal stylist.

How can you develop good client relationships? Ask questions, learn what people are about and identify what they truly need when they come to you for a salon visit. Open yourself to the wonderful world of people, and embrace all that this career and this industry have to offer. Here’s to your success!

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