A crash course in the basics!

Everyone deserves and wants a great hair cut… even kids!

Getting your hair cut can have a powerful effect on the lives of many people no matter what their age is. It is a very personal experience that has a big impact on the way they will feel when they leave your chair.

Now that is a big challenge that every student has when they have an adult client, but the goal is just the same with kids. Only this time with a new set of challenges for you the teacher to teach your students.

So what can you do to help your students overcome the traumatic experiences that they may go through with cutting kids hair? How can you prepare them for some of the unforgettable, yet memorable moments they will endure, while maintaining their professionalism and building the trust kids need?

Here is a crash course in the basics.

Teach your students WHY…

The first reason why so many kids dislike getting a hair cut is because of what they are afraid of. The word cut! Kids don’t know yet that it is a good feeling to get your hair cut. They think they are going to get hurt when they see these shinny silver scissors coming toward them or a buzzing noise headed to their ear or neck, their hair all wet, a plastic cape on, looking at their selves in the big mirror.  It’s scary for a kid, especially if it is their first time.

Be Professionally Prepared

Make sure your students have all their equipment ready. Remind them of how important it is to NOT be looking around for their tools, water bottle, scissors, etc.    Share the importance of  having the right equipment and how it will help them build the confidence they need to perform, and develop good habits that will prepare them for that “anything is possible moment” that can happen during a kids hair cut service.

 Take your TIME

 Some students are just as scared as the kids! Help relax them by coaching them slowly during these trying times and teaching them to go in waves with the hair cut. If they feel like the kid is sitting nicely, tell them to try real hard to get as much done as they can while the child is calm. If the child is starting to move around, or starts to cry, or tries to get out of the chair, you need to tell the student to STOP take a break and just wait to resume. Sometimes the hair cut goes on for a long time, and the student needs to know that they have to adapt and adjust to the situation. Over time they will discover little techniques that will make them feel more at ease, as you know practice and experience are always the best teachers.

Make it FUN

     Going to get your hair cut can and should be fun. It depends on the person doing it.

Teach your students to remind themselves of the things they like. Perhaps they can choose some fun music or listen to an audio book to help distract from all the other things and people in the salon.  Tell students to try using a pad to watch a video or offer a little healthy snack in-between the breaks of crying, or too much moving around.  Remind them to not feed them while cutting; it is very messy and unsanitary.

Help your students know the importance of going the extra mile even with the kids.  Recommend that they have a SPECIAL cape for their young guest, and that will help make them feel like they are special; they will think they are the only one who gets to wear it. Make sure it’s soft and not plastic and has something playful on it that makes them remember and want to wear it.

Teach students to get playful, to let their tools come alive and create some memory with them. Share little tips like, you can take the fear out of the water bottle by telling kids that when you are wetting their hair down it’s kind of like a bird getting a bath. Another great trick is to let your young guest be the stylist by giving them your comb or brush to pretend with. Maybe even let them try it on their parent or sibling.

Tell students to try to always end with some nice smelling talc and a super soft neck brush, this helps get rid of all the little itchy hairs and ends their time with you pleasant and positive.

A great class project you can try is to simply ASK your students about their personal experiences as a kid for their hair cuts what did they like or dislike. Or create a field trip and bring them to a few kid friendly salons to observe how they treat their young guest.

As we all know, you never know how it will go with clients let alone the challenge of kids… best advice, treat each young guest with TLC and watch the magic happen in your chair.

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