Everyone needs an occasional makeover 

Success as a cosmetologist requires more than just talent and hard work: you also have to manage to keep progressive within your industry. It means stretching yourself to do something you never did before. Try different avenues within the cosmetology field and learn to diversify your career so that you stay motivated and inspired not only for your clients, but for yourself.

No matter how long you have been in the beauty world, everyone has times when they could really use a makeover. Now that doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon the old you, but rather learn a few new skills to enhance something unique and fresh about you.

Ask yourself…

What do I really want to do in my career that I have not yet tried? What scares me and how can I face that fear and just do it? What other career options (go to www.kathyjager.com for 75+ ways) do I have that I can explore within this industry?

After 32 years in this amazing industry, I still ask myself these pondering questions. Although I have explored many aspects of my career: cosmetologist, salon owner, platform artist, educator, manager, speaker, author, entrepreneur, ECT. Each venture was something I never did before. Every time I tried something new, I had no prior experience or training. I had to investigate, and learn through discovery, trial, and lots of failures.  But the one thing I learned is that if I wanted to survive and thrive, for a lifetime in cosmetology, I had to be willing to repeatedly reinvent myself and learn how to be flexible about new directions. Here are 3 simple questions.

  • What is going to fuel my energy, and give me the drive to push forward in a direction I may never think about?
  •  Who is going to help me get to the next page of my journey?
  • What education or mentorship will I need?

These are all great questions to ask when you are getting ready to reinvent yourself.  Your friends, family, or peers may not even agree with you, making a new direction even harder. But Push trough!  Build a support team and find people to play with who share your same ambition, and will be supportive in the new direction you want to try. READ books like (As the Chair Turns) or salon industry magazines, and seek the seminars to help you build the right skills, attitude, and motivation to present the BEST new YOU.

Today, I personally still find myself asking, “What’s next?”  Where do I want to take my career and how can I leverage my skills to find new challenges that allow for personal and professional growth?

I have been independently working for many years and one of the biggest challenges I face is the lack of inspiration you would get from working side by side with peers. There is an abundance of education and stimulation available when you are able to unify with creative professionals who keep reaching for greatness in their craft. My desire is to elevate my technical skills, open my creative palette and learn a completely different aspect of my career through the art of hairdressing. My desire at this time in life is to learn how to really dress hair for fashion and runway and would like to join the educational team with Aquage.

First step.. Taking the Aquage Master Class in Chicago!

With that, this summer I will be once again venturing in an area I never experienced… and I can’t wait!

Share with me… What are you going to do this summer to reinvent yourself?

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