Have you ever had a client drive you so crazy that you felt like firing
them? Can you? Did you ever want to say “I’m sorry; nothing I’m doing is
making you happy so I think its best that we part ways and you find another
stylist? Should you?
There is no doubt that we will be faced with many client challenges while we
build our business, but when you do come across people who demand more than the
average client what do you do? How do you keep your composure when all you want
to do is spray them with your hairspray?
One of the many things they forgot to teach us in beauty school was learning
how to “FIND THE GOLD” in people, which means learning the human nature of our
business and reaching out to see beyond the fault and seeing the need within
that person. Just when you thought all you were going to do was some magic on
their heads, you now realize that you should of taken a few notes in physiology
because there are times when your ability to understand why people might act a
little crazy is required.
Look Deeper
Perhaps you might have to look a little deeper at what they may be going through
that day to stop yourself from reacting negatively towards them. If your
thinking `hey I didn’t sign up for this, think again! People are our business
and learning what makes their experience with us good or bad, or learning how to
deal with challenging people is part of our daily work. It’s actually a lifetime
skill. From the moment you start work you will have a full day of
personalities, some good, some great, and some 6 weeks isn’t long enough.
A Life Lesson
Every stylist has that one client that drives them crazy! Mine drove me so crazy, I had to do some soul searching. She had been coming for 25 years every week with the same request.
She brought me her own shampoo, her own comb, told me how and where to put the curls, and how to cut her hair. She complained throughout the entire service, and at the end every time I thought she did not like it, she said it looked great. One day, she she confided in me that her husband was cheating on her for the past 5 years and she has just been miserable. She went on to share that when she comes into the salon she feels that it is her other home and feels safe to let it all go here,
It was in that moment that I realized why she was being so difficult and from then on, I had a complete shift in our relationship and as I learned more about her life I found the gold that was in her heart.
Just remember… they chose us for their service, and during that time spent, you
never know the impact you have on their day. So as much as you might not feel
like there is golden nugget, keep digging, you just might find the gold
within that person and it could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship for you and for them!

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