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8 Tips to Stay Stylish and Cool This Summer:


1. Choose Light Colorssince dark colors absorb more heat, stick with light colored clothing when it is hot and humid.

2. Don’t Layer while layering is usually a stylish approach, skip it when the weather gets too warm.  Those extra layers of clothing will just heat you up.

3.  Sundresseseffortlessly stylish and comfortably breezy, sundresses are a great summer look.  From short styles with small floral prints to elegant maxi dresses, they will have you looking your seasonal best.

4. Texture – wear lighter, natural fibers instead of synthetic ones.  Lighter textures have a more open weave and will let air flow through.  Clothing made out of cotton and linen “breathe”, which can help you stay cool.

5. Fitit may seem contrary, but a garment that fits you properly will be cooler.  Clothing that is too tight will cause creases in your skin making you perspire more.  Clothing that is too big adds extra bulk and will tend to weigh you down.

6. Stylish Sandalswearing open footwear is another way to make sure you stay cool when the temperature soars.  There are so many stylish sandals and flip flops to choose from.  Be aware that sweaty, summer feet are prone to blisters.  So make sure your shoes fit properly and are comfortable.  Knee high nude nylons can be worn with flats to prevent skin breakdown on the back of your heels, right Sarah?  My daughter just moved into the city and walks to work – she found this out very quickly!

7. Show Off Your Legswear bermuda length shorts, capris (easier said than done – see Tip #8) or a knee length skirt or dress.  If you are worried that your legs don’t look long enough – wear heels or wedges.

8. Capris, Oh THE Dreaded Capris!!I often wonder “Why do so many women have this love affair with capris, especially the light beige (khaki) capris?”  Capri pants are not an easy one to get right because:

if you are petite, they can make you look shorter

if you are pear shaped, they can make you look heavier

if you have short legs, they can make them look shorter

if you have muscular legs, they can make them look thicker

So what’s a girl to do?  Use these flattering Capris Tips:

darker colors are more slimming

longer, cropped style pants where the hem falls down to the thinnest part of your ankles elongate your legs

wear a wedge heel sandal with minimal material that compliments your capris

choose sandals that are similar in color as the capris.  For example:  chocolate brown capris with dark brown sandals.

avoid rounded toe flats, they will make you look stumpy!

avoid the wide or flared capris hem that falls right on the widest part of your calf; your legs will look shorter and you will appear heavier


Staying cool under the steam doesn’t have to stress you out.  Adapting any one of these tips will help you stay stylish and cool this summer!


Enjoy Your Summer –

Pat Kwas, Wardrobe Consultant, Clothes for Confidence!

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