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Look GOOD, Feel BETTER & Get FIT in Your Exercise Clothing!



Follow these 10 simple guidelines below to improve your workout and your attitude:


1. Looking great…

at the gym or on the walking trail may not be at the top of your priority list.  But I believe like with most other events in your life, if you look good you feel better.  Putting on a flattering workout outfit can actually motivate you to go to the gym or exercise outdoors.  So what you wear can go a long way toward helping you stay motivated and confident – and can even improve your workout performance.

2. Workout clothes serve both a practical and a psychological purpose.

On a practical level, you need workout clothes that are not too constricting so you can move freely and clothes made from breathable fabrics.  Psychologically, you need special workout gear to convince yourself it is time to work out.

3. Put function first.

Of course, looking great isn’t the only consideration when choosing a workout outfit.  Your best bet is to choose clothes that stretch and bend with you.  Comfort is key, too.  Look for clothing that moves moisture away from the body as quickly as possible, Dri-fit is a good option.  A 100% cotton T-shirt will get wet very quickly and will stay wet.  As a result, you will be uncomfortable and may be tempted to cut your workout short.  Also, don’t overdress, it is difficult to work out vigorously if you are overheated.  By “not overdressing”, I don’t mean show lots of cleavage.  You are exercising, not clubbing!

4.  Wear clothes that fit.

The first step in improving your workout look is to assess your workout wardrobe and keep only the clothes that fit you.  Oversized T-shirts and baggy, light gray stretched out pants will only make you look bigger and sloppier.  This may affect your workout morale.  Semi-fitted garments that follow the shape of your body without clinging creates the most flattering silhouette.

5. Undergarments.

You should wear a bra that offers more support than an ordinary bra.  Your sports bra should be made out of material that is both breathable and durable.  Unsupported breasts during workouts are distracting and also decrease elasticity of your breast tissue which leads to a sagging bustline, yikes!

6. Top choices.


A slim-fitting tee or tank that covers just half of your butt is a good option.   Darker hues are more slimming and reduce the appearance of belly fat and muffin tops.  Choose jewel tones – sapphire blue, deep teal, amethyst purple or hunter green.  Tops with small geometric patterns also help disguise bumps and rolls.  Create the illusion of curves with tops that have ruching or curved vertical lines along the sides.


Choose a Dri-fit short sleeved tee (untucked please) with longer shorts or long pants in dark colors.

7. Black is best below the belt.

The best shades are dark, so opt for pants/capris in black, navy and deep gray.  Workout pants that feature boot-cut legs or tight-leg capris that flair at the calf are the most slimming and elongate the leg.

8. The right socks.

Ideal workout socks should keep your feet dry and prevent blisters.  Choose low cut (just below ankle length) socks that provide cushion in the heel and toe.  Best material option is a wicking material with added nylon or lycra spandex for stretch.

9. The right shoes.

Most important of all, make sure you are wearing a good pair of workout shoes.  Go for quality.  They need to be supportive and specific to the activity you plan to do.

10. Affordable workout wear.

You can find quality workout clothes at a great price.  Try TJ Maxx and Marshalls; they have name brand apparel (Nike, Adidas, Reebok) at a fraction of the original price.
The right workout clothes can improve your performance and confidence.  It is more than just looking good – it is about feeling comfortable and getting the most from your workout.  Are you dressing for exercise success?

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