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How to Choose a Flattering Jacket

Contributed by Pat Kwas


A flattering jacket is a core wardrobe item.  Coats come in various styles, lengths and fabrics, just like women come in different shapes, sizes and personalities. Many women wear jackets that do nothing for their body type- think of the bulky, shapeless, oversized parka with a fur-trimmed hood, yikes!! Choosing the best coat for your figure should highlight your assets so that you look and feel beautiful.

1. A Full Figure Choose a solid darker colored jacket (navy blue, chocolate brown, black, deep purple)  that reaches to mid-thigh.  This length flatters because is creates a clean, vertically-oriented silhouette without being so long that it overwhelms the rest of your outfit.  To keep the lines long, opt for invisible pockets that blend right in to the contours of the jacket.  Avoid large pockets with large buttons and all types of hoods, they add volume and bulk.  Choose single-breasted button styles with oversized lapels to create a V-neckline.  Choose a jacket with tailored seaming at the chest and waist to highlight those curves, rather than hide them.

2. Slim, Straight Figure Add volume to your frame with a double-breasted jacket, a bold scarf and choose lighter colors (khaki, royal blue, cherry red).  Belted trench coats help create an hourglass figure.  Opt for slightly padded shoulders and a cinched waist to create curves.

3. Pear-Shaped Figure If your curves are more substantial on the bottom half than on the top half of your frame, choose a straight-cut jacket that will create long vertical lines.  Dark colors slim, so try black, navy, charcoal, burgundy or deep green. Opt for a coat that flares out slightly from the bottom.  This extra ease will create a flattering jacket that skims your curves instead of clinging to them.

4.  Short, Hourglass Figure Choose close-fitted styles that follow the natural curves of your body.  The jacket should be fitted in the waistline, so avoid straight-cut styles because they hide your shape rather than showing it off.  Look for single-breasted styles, princess seaming, styles that form a V-neckline rather than a rounded or high neckline.  Belted, knee-length trench coats are a good option.


Cost & Quality

Always check linings and fabric before purchasing to ensure proper fit and a long lasting coat.  Occasionally, you’ll find a great coat for a bargain, but most of the time they are a bit pricey.  If you can afford it, splurge because a well-fitted, classic coat won’t date.  Take good care of your coat by following proper cleaning instructions, and choose a coat that suits you!  Forget what is trending at the moment and flaunt your personal style.


So invest in a stylish coat that really flatters your body shape and make a serious style statement!


Pat Kwas

Clothes for Confidence!

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