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10 Tips When Finding Your Perfect Jeans

By Pat Kwas

Oh, the joy of putting on a pair of jeans that actually make you look slim and trim, jeans that shape and flatter you by showing off your best assets while camouflaging what you want to hide.  Below are 10 tips to find your perfect pair of jeans.


1. Choose a Dark Rinse – more grown up, more slimming and more dressy.

2. Banish “Muffin Top” – don’t buy low-rise jeans that are so tight they create a mound of flesh that hangs off either hip, choose a mid-rise jean.

3. Back Pockets – make sure the pockets are on your butt cheeks.  If they are set too low, they will make your butt look saggy.  Ensure the pockets are not too far apart from the center seam, this will make the eye go outward; making your butt look bigger.  If you have a problem with not having enough “junk in your trunk”, wear jeans with a flap/buttons or designs/detailed stitching on the pockets to help create the illusion of roundness.

4. Get the Hem Right – What’s the right length?  It all depends on the shoes you are wearing.  Too short is as bad as too long – the hem should be 1/4 inch above the bottom of your shoe heel to create an elongated, slimming look.

5. Cut of Jean – Curvy women need to pay attention to the bottom of the jean as well as the rest of the fit.  Flared and boot-cut styles help put curves in proportion with the rest of the body.  A trouser or wide leg pant creates a relaxed, yet dressy look and is a Spring, 2011 trend!

6When You Find a Pair You Love – buy two pair in a different wash, you never know when a style will be unavailable or discontinued.

7. Balance Your Silhouette – If you are wearing looser jeans, pair them with a fitted top and if you are wearing tight jeans (ie. skinny jeans), wear them with something loose and flowy.

8. What’s in a Size? – Keep an open mind, you may be a size 10 in one brand and a size 12 in another.  It is just a number – how you look in the jeans is what matters most.

9. Try,Try,Try – When shopping, set aside time to try on lots of pairs – every brand and every style fit differently.

10Move Your Body When You Try on Your Jeans – Don’t buy jeans before you sit down, stand up and walk around.  You may not have found the perfect pair if the jeans hug your thighs after sitting down and you are forced to push them down once standing.

Enjoy Shopping For Your Perfect Jeans –

Pat Kwas, Wardrobe Consultant, Clothes for Confidence!


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