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Fashion Tip of the Month

By Pat Kwas

Color matters. Do you really want a color in your closet that doesn’t make you sparkle?  As skin ages it can become dull and pale, wearing color by your face can bring out your eye color, revitalize your skin tone and get you noticed.

Brighten Up Your Wardrobe!


Try Something Newembrace the new spring colors:  pink, orange, yellow, tropical blue and lavender.  Every woman can look good in every color of the rainbow.  Choose the best hue for you by placing different colored tops to your chest and looking in the mirror.  Choose the colors that make your eyes pop and your skin glow; skip the colors that make your face look gray, flat or washed out.

Try a Scarf – add a pop of color by wearing a lightweight, colorful scarf creatively knotted around your neck.

Saturated Colors – choose tops in rich hues, such as deep purple, royal/navy blue, hunter green and fuchsia.  They are figure flattering because darker colors are more forgiving.  They are also a nice change from wearing black.

Best Colors for Any Season – if you are still at a loss trying to figure out “what are my best colors to wear?”, consider the following colors which work well with virtually any eye/skin/hair combination – as well as being versatile enough for any time of the year.

– Red: It brings out the natural red or pink coloring in the cheeks and looks great with all skin tones.  Red can also cross seasonal boundaries; a cute red tank top  for summer, a candy apple red blouse for fall and a cozy red sweater that can see you through winter in style.

– Eggplant: This rich hue from the purple family looks exceptional on nearly everyone, complementing or contrasting skin and hair tones.  While this color is a favorite for the fall, lighter blouses and summery dresses in eggplant shades can also work very well.

– Teal: Choose tops and dresses in a rich teal and you can’t go wrong.  This unique blue-green mix can bring out the eyes of most women and can also play up the natural flush of the cheeks.

So, step outside the box and try on tops, blouses, jackets and dresses in every color – you just might be surprised and love your look!

Enjoy Spring and All Its Beautiful Colors –

Pat Kwas, Wardrobe Consultant, Clothes for Confidence!


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