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Fashion Tip of the Month

When you want to appear thinner, these tips can help you achieve that leaner, slimmer look. Dressing right could, in fact, make you appear 5-10 pounds lighter. With the right wardrobe, you’ll get more compliments and with more compliments, you become more confident with your body and the way you look.

8 Instant Slimming Tips:

1. Wear the Right Fit – choose the right clothing that fits properly. If clothes are too tight, all the bulges/rolls will show through. If clothes are too big, they add bulk and can make you look heavier than you actually are.

2. Patterns Fool the Eye – tops with diagonal stripes, small geometric patterns and delicate floral microprints patterns keep the eye moving and are more forgiving.

3. Structured Jacket – strong shoulders always make the waist and hips look narrow in comparison.

4. Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans – with a bottom flare, you draw attention away from the size of your hips. Rigid but flexible denim also can flatten the stomach, boost the behind and trim the thighs.

5. Wear Heeled Shoes – if you can, wear at least a small heel on your shoe. The higher the heel on your shoe, the more slimming the effect – they add height and elongate your legs. Wedges, or any shoe with a platform, are more comfortable than high heels because the arch of the shoe is less severe and it offers support all the way through the foot.

6. Opt for Darker Colors – if you are top-heavy or carry extra weight around your middle. Tops in black, navy, deep purple and emerald green help camouflage your figure challenges.

7. Long Necklaces – give the illusion of height and they look great with plain-looking tops.

8. Avoid Middle/Waist Bulk – do not wear bulky scarves and belts around your waist, especially if your problem area includes your hips and waist.

When you look best, you will feel better about yourself. Stand tall, square your shoulders and be ready to face the world with a smile on your face!

Enjoy Your Slimmer Look!

– Pat Kwas, Wardrobe Consultant, Clothes for Confidence! 708-308-7173

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