Guaranteed Ways to Wow a Client

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Let’s give them something to talk about…

In today’s competitive world in the beauty industry, getting a new client is a gift. You have to really understand what our business is all about first, and that it is about servicing PEOPLE.

When you put people first and take a genuine interest in who they are as a human spirit, you open up a whole world of endless opportunities to grow your business into a lifestyle of happiness that is so fulfilling and rewarding for BOTH you and your guest.

Customer Care means learning about their needs so that they can feel your compassion, this is what will give them a sense of trust which leads to long time loyalty.

  Here is a list of Guaranteed Ways to “Wow” a New Client and keep them coming back with a smile and returning with a friend!

  • Greet your guest by name with a Warm smile and big happy “Welcome”
  • Make them comfortable with their new salon surroundings
  • Offer a refreshment
  • “Win them” during an excellent consultation so they know they are heard
  • Make suggestions when they are talking about what they want
  • Explain” how to use” the professional hair products you are recommending
  • Up-Sell services that would enhance their look or make them feel better
  • Pre-book their next service
  • Take your time and give them quality work
  • Call them the next day to see how they enjoyed their visit
  • Thank them for coming with a complementary  package with products/ or mini service
  • Offer $5.00 off coupon for next visit  &invite them to join in on your Reward Program
  • Offer a complementary makeup application or hand massage with their new color
  • Offer Online/ e-mail booking
  • Put a little LOVE in the shampoo experience make it memorable and remarkable
  • CARE about your clients, and their needs (Listen)
  • Accommodate, Accommodate, Accommodate “Look” for ways to help them
  • Specialize in Haircolor/ weddings/ make-up ect. let them know you’re the expert in that area!
  • Make their experience Positive and FUN with you… Give them something to TALK about!
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