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 It’s 9:00 am and your client has just arrived! The only problem is… you’re not ready for her today, you’re tired, burnt out and not in the mood to be nice, let alone create magic for someone else today. You work 10-12 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, year after year of non-stop action packed, beauty mania and your just too exhausted to give your client the best of you.

What do you do when your client is sitting there anticipating her friendly service, desiring that special attention you always give to her when your not in the mood? Where do you get back your compassion when you know she is waiting for you to take away all her troubles, dazzle her with your beauty expertise, and create a magical experience for her when your MoJo has gone flat?

How do you move through your day when you can’t figure out why you have no energy, don’t feel motivated, or just lost the passionate for what your doing?



One of the many challenges for beauty professionals is that our daily work is about personal service, and because we are naturally caregivers it is easy for us to loose our MoJo. Take a look at yourself and try to evaluate where you are at emotionally. Is it a personal or professional challenge your going through? Seek moments to find out what is missing from your life so that you can review what area might need to change for you to be re-inspired. Remember there are many options you can use in cosmetology that offer creativity, flexibility and a great income. (Check out our web page over 75 career choices ) Don’t think your on a one way road with no where to go.

 Variety provides you with the chance to see things in a new light; it offers inspiration, fresh ideas, and a new view. It stimulates your mind to desire change. We are artists and it is up to us individually to take responsibility for our own happiness and create and paint the life we desire. For things to change, we need to change. 

 TRY NEW THINGS...Go to a show out of town, join an association, network with businesses to host an event. Hang around with new people, take an art class, assist at a fashion show. Sometimes all you need is a shift in perception to free yourself from some of the negative energy you may be experiencing. Open your mind to the beauty of your industry and all that it has to offer, and try to get out of your comfort zone, you will be amazed at how easy it will be to get your MoJo back on!


Just like an appointment… you need the discipline to put yourself on the books and go! Start a new routine by writing down what it is that you really like to do, and then make the time to incorporate it in your life. Your whole attitude will change when you decide to create something different and fresh, and because you OWNED that time. Make the commitment to yourself and the MoJo will forever flow!


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“I’ll have what she’s having! “

This crazy fun client of mine sits in my chair and I ask her what she would like for me to do with her hair today… “I want my hair to Bleed S-x” she said!

The woman under the dryer lifts up the hood and shouted..’ ‘Ill have what she’s having!”

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