Honoring Your Sales Consultant

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When you think about enhancing your in-salon services and up-scaling your retail sales, who do you generally go to for some solid advice? If you’re trying to find out what is happening out there in our industry, or which salon is doing what in their community; whom do you ask? What do you do when you need knowledge about specific products you carry or are interested in marketing a new product in your salon and need fresh ideas to promote it? Whom do you have trust in to give you honest input on industry related information? Your Sales Consultant, right?

You’ve Got a Friend
Over the years, our industry has been trying to maintain a high professional status not only with our services but with our salon products as well. Having a personal business partner in your sales consultant is one way that you can focus on a mutual objective of achieving success in all areas of your business. Your sales consultants are there to provide you a number of helpful ways for you to grow and understand the industry and its challenges. Who better than your personal sales consultant to inform you about what this business is doing and where it is going? If you do not consider them your friend then you will truly miss out on the many benefits and opportunities that a good sales consultant can give you.

Develop a Rapport
The job of a sales consultant can be summed up with one word…support. Having the support of a knowledgeable business source will enable you to significantly grow your business by sharing insight and information that goes beyond the sale of professional products. Your sales consultant has the “Beauty Buzz” you need in order to stay on top of your competition.
Establishing relationships are both comforting to you and to your clients, as they can see the faith you put in your consultant regarding which products are best for your salon’s clientele. Your sales consultant can sell a product right then and there because of their enthusiasm when presenting.  If your consultant walks into your salon while you’re with a client and shows excitement about a new product and continues to talk about it, your client may suddenly become interested. Before you know it, they have been sold on the product before they even get to the front desk. There is nothing better then when a client asks where your sales consultant is; not only because they want to know about new products, but also because they are used to seeing him/her and truly enjoy their conversation.

Special Deals
Whether they are full of bologna or not, sales consultants have the “deal of the day” and if you have a good relationship you can always find what you are looking for at your price if you know how to work with your consultant. They can pull many tricks out of their suitcase (all within reason of course) and will do so for you when you work with them to help make quotas. It is a give and take relationship – everyone wins when the game is played fair.

Industry News
Want to know how to cut and color that model you saw on the cover of Vogue Magazine? Need some education on how to motivate your staff? Interested in knowing more about the new salon in town and how it is doing? Ask your sales consultant! They are your information, education, inspiration, and business partners. They’re your personal support source, and their purpose is to serve the salon professional through all avenues of this wild and wacky industry.
Rating Your Support
What makes a good sales consultant? Check to see if they portray these five characteristics:

1. Consistency
2. Coming prepared
3. Knowledgeable
4. Follow through
5. Friendly

Consistency is key! Having your support force there at the same time every week marks a good sign that he or she is reliable and dependable. Coming to your salon prepared is the second most important quality you look for in a sales consultant. They must have a plan for you – something to show you, excite you, or invite you to. Being knowledgeable of all products is high up on the rating scale. Understanding their products and helping your staff to use them correctly is equally important.
Following through is probably one of the most sought after characteristics in a sales consultant. If you find a consultant with high integrity, someone who takes his or her position as a support system for salons seriously, a consultant who thrives on watching your salon and staff grow, then you have found your man or woman, and lucky you! If you have found all of these qualities in a consultant with a warm, happy personality, get ready for success; for not only do you have a business partner, but you also have a really good friend!

A New Shear Moment

A woman’s hair is her crown and glory at any age.If you ever thought that there is an age in a woman’s life that she did not care about how she looked …think again.

It was our usual Thursday crowd with the grace of one of our “golden girls” mother Wanda, a beautiful little,  94 year young woman whom she  brings periodically from the nursing home to help give her a lift.

Wanda, who is hard of hearing but can see just fine, sits quietly in the chair waiting patiently for her turn to get a doo with a little smile on her face; as you can tell she enjoys watching all that is going on in the  beauty salon.

As I was putting the final touches on another lady’s hair I could see Wanda admiring her hair style.  “I like that style,” she tweeted in, “can I try that one on me? That looks wonderful on you,” she told the other woman, “I would like to try a new style today.”

“Of course!” I said.  I cut, carved, and designed her new style as all the other ladies watched her beam in the chair, rallying  along sharing how great she was going to look in her new doo.

I kept the chair away from the mirror until the end to see the surprised look on her precious face.

As I turned her around to take a look, her eyes widened and her face glowed…

“Mirrors don’t lie…Do they?”  She asked.” I can’t believe you made this ugly puss look so beautiful.

I love my new style!”

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