How do you Tell Someone That They Need a New Do?

There she is sitting across the room with that bleached-blonde, fried-out mullet that someone told her looked good…. 20 years ago! Well, not even then!  What do you do?  Being a professional do you say something?  Do you honestly think she likes it?  Or maybe nobody ever asked her if she was interested in something NEW!  Sometimes a client continues to get the same old hairstyle year after year because that is what their lifelong hairdresser keeps giving them. They never ASKED if he or she would be interested in changing their look.


When a client sits in your chair you need to go back to the basics of a consultation:

Ask the probing questions to get a feel for where they are at in their life. Most of the time people want you to make them change their hairstyle. They come for your expertise and if your not suggesting or recommending new things like a few highlights for spring, or a new bang, or a fun texture service, then they will either get the same old doo, and your name is on it as she is your walking billboard or, LEAVE because they are bored with your unwillingness to change.


Have you ever wanted to tell someone that their hair looks awful and you knew that they could look wonderful if they would let you get your magical hands on their precious head?   You can, without offending them.  All you need to do is get their attention by offering subtle suggestions that are comfortable to their personality. Feel them out and show them visually what you are talking about. Keep referring to how fabulous they will look and how great it will feel to show off their new look. Tell them what the new color or tone is going to do to complement their beautiful skin, or how this hot new haircut is going to give her or him that spunky look they have desired.


Most people want to hear what you have to say. Even if they don’t do it right now they will go home and think about it and most likely they will pick up the phone to give the new idea a try. Clients need to trust what you have to say, and the only way that they will is in HOW you talk to them during the consultation. Most changes occur when you spend more than 1 minute on what it is they would like for you to do. Once you change their old look you are guaranteed to change their attitude too. Then you have opened up a whole new world of artistic opportunities for that client, as well as for all the rest of your clients!
Challenge yourself and see how good communication can transform the looks you have been giving!



The “break up doo!”
By Sue Dieter Kirkton

Who would have thought that a new
“do’ could have such an impact
on a person’s whole outlook on life?
My daughter has truly turned her
life around since her new ‘do’.
It gave her a well-deserved
shot of self-confidence that was lacking.
Thanks for the jump start to her new life.

The “break-up do” is perfect.

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