Attending beauty school is a career path that can be as challenging and rewarding as attending a 4-year university. The demands of beauty school classes and projects can get a little overwhelming as you try to complete your cosmetology degree. And that’s not to mention the pressures of financing your education at a cosmetology school.

Success in beauty schools takes discipline and drive. If you want to achieve your goals and start a career in hair, makeup, and styling, follow these steps to avoid becoming a beauty school dropout.



1.) Choose the right beauty school to begin with. Beauty schools are as unique and varied as the students who attend, and you have a lot of options when it comes to finding the best academy.For example, many community colleges have affordable programs in cosmetology that lead to an associates degree. There are also private institutes, such as the Empire Beauty School, that offer a very prestigious degree, but at a higher price.

2.) Understand the requirements of the beauty program before you enroll. Find out how many credit hours you need to take each semester in order to graduate on time, and find out how many years it takes to complete the degree on average. Also find out if your beauty school has a career placement program to help you find a job once you earn your degree

3.) Make a financial plan to pay for cosmetics courses. The tuition for most beauty schools does not include the price of books and supplies, which can be staggering. Although you can claim tax credits and deductions for some educational expenses, most of the money has to come from your savings or loans. One of the main reasons that promising students quit cosmetology school is because they run out of funds. Careful planning will help you avoid that.

4.) Periodically meet with your course advisers to discuss expectations and progress. If you want more feedback on your work in cosmetology classes, ask for it. Your teachers may not have time in class for deep one-on-one conversations, but you can always ask for advice outside of class.

5.) Practice good study habits. When you need to do bookwork and write papers, go to a quiet library where there are no distractions.

6.) Focus on the prize at the end of your journey and consider taking some business courses on the side. They will be useful if you want to work in beauty management, or start your own hair and makeup business when you complete your degree.


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My First SHEAR Moment!


I am a cosmetology student at Regency Beauty Institute in Shreveport, Louisiana.  I had never held shears before I started school, but now I have found a passion I never knew existed inside me.  I recently achieved Master Designer at my school for the month of April.  I am the first one from the entire campus!  (The school has been open for little less than a year).  I’m also the first part-time student to achieve this title AND the first one to do it in one-month out on the floor!  

I was recently thanking one of my returning clients for helping me achieve my goal when he looked at me and said “No, Thank YOU – now I get to be a show off and tell everyone I get my hair done by a Master!”

I can’t tell you how good it made me feel!  And, it just reconfirms that I am going down the right path! 

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