Independent Salon Professionals are a growing community to our industry.


According to the NACCAS Report out of 1.7 million beauty professionals 44-47% are SELF-EMPLOYED! Not only did we choose a career that is flexible, rewarding, and full of magical moments, but this industry also provided for us the option to start our own business and be part of the greatest age of ENTREPRENEURSHIP!



 IT IS TIME… Independent Salon Professionals GET Support to maintain a professional image while operating as a sole entity! The day to day challenges of trying to juggle multiple projects, conflicting priorities and limited resources to try and uphold a business can be overwhelming.We need to stick together and search for resources to help us be the best at our craft.

IT IS TIME…This segment of our industry uses their voices to get the tools and information they need to run their little but might businesses more effectively. Start to share with your associations, state boards, and distributors exactly what education you want and need to keep you motivated and inspired as a business person as well as a creative cosmetologist.

IT IS TIME… Independent salons and beauty professionals get recognized for being a BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL! Stop hiding the fact that you are an independent and work your business professionally and you will get the respect of being an independent entrepreneur.

IT IS TIME… We step it up and inspire each other, educate one another and improve our professional state of mind so that we can be PROUD to have chosen to be an INDEPENDENT ENTREPRENEUR!

It’s time to think, act, and perform like an entrepreneur!


3 Steps to develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset!


1.Find the person who you could learn from in our industry and download, subscribe, and read every recource they offer. blog

2.Watch TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) video everyday,and  try and apply what you learn to your business.

3.Commit to a once a month “Education Rocks” attitude and look for additional education on business, communication, and creativity. Join an association like Cosmetologist Chicago, owner and producer of America’s Beauty Show to keep up with all your skills and be a part of the beauty legacy! www.america’


We have a Winner for the Annual “Education Rocks” Scholarship


 “Sophie Mucha” 


We would like to thank our sponsors for supporting us once again to help another future professional live the dream of being a cosmetologist.

-Ivan Zoot  the amazing clipper guy donated his complete collection of Ivan Zoot Clipperguy says book collection-please check this out at…, 

– Jerry Sikorski of Aquage has generously donated a basket filled with aquage products along with the finest brushes for the perfect start to a cosmetologist career! 

-John Amico industry icon of John Amico Education has once again donated his newest collection of jalyd Bio Complex PLUS, a supreme line of his best products.

-Vince D’Astice CEO of Midwest Salon Solutions,LLC and Chromastics Color donated the best 296 facts and tips to better haircoloring by Tom Despenza This little book is a colorist bible!   



NEW Shear Moment



One client confided in us of her household struggles, moreover how she has had to give up many of her personal pleasures due to the economy.

However, she said “One Thing I have decided though, is no matter how hard times get—I WILL NOT HAVE GRAY HAIR!!”

“We may live in a tent somewhere and be eating bread and drinking water, but no gray hair for me!”



Let’s TALK!
Get our Exclusive “Talk Tips” Game for cosmetologist!

WOW! What a great way to engage beauty professionals to TALK!
-Karen Tiggger
“We use Talk Tips™  at the end of our class time to discuss personal and professional goals.”
Bill Miller
“What a great way to build relationships with my students!  Thanks Kathy!”
-Sharon MaGee

Check out WHY “Engaged Learning Made Simple” is the right choice!

LET’S TALK about how to equip your students with the powerful effects of SOFT SKILLS and the importance of personal and professional development! We make learning fun!


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