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The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to Maximize Your Career Potential!


* From beauty school to entrepreneurship…millions of cosmetologists and business owners have trusted “As the Chair Turns” to point them in the right direction.

* We will take you step by step through your career and guide you toward success!

* We’ll teach you the winning secrets and give you the essentials to a promising future! *


Why Cosmetologist Need to Read “As the Chair Turns”


Because this book, put into the right hands of the right person, is going to have a profound effect on one’s career. The timeless tips provided are the foundation that helps to shape a promising future for today’s cosmetologist.


Reading “As the Chair Turns” inspires you to want to do more, be more and grow more from your industry. The quick tips help you to take action and implement new habits that will make the defining difference in your career.

The book’s principles are proven common sense strategies that are effective in building your business and creating a lifestyle you desire.

You will take away the essential skills that change the way you feel about doing business and open your mind to truly understanding what profound effect you can have on another person’s life as a cosmetologist.

This book is packed with great information, education and business building skills that help to guide a successful cosmetology career.

This is your personal pocket coach! Refer to it time and time again to refuel your passion and get the motivation you need to continue your journey to success.

The real-life stories are meant to share moments that encourage you to understand the human side of our industry as well as offer you personal philosophies to add to your life skills.

By the time you finish you will be ready to “enjoy the ride” and become highly effective in your career. *

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Class Title: “Yes, You Can Be an Entrepreneur!

Kathy Jager is a multi-faceted salon pro who has been involved in almost every aspect of the industry. A dedicated entrepreneur, she is an author, speaker, coach, salon owner and Cosmetologists Chicago Board Member.

You Will Learn:

Business & marketing skills that support professional integrity and independent success. Discover survival tactics, time management tips and ways to avoid burnout. This class is specifically geared for independent Salon Professionals, booth renters and sole proprietors. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit!

Date/ Time/ Class #:

Monday, March 14 1:00pm-3:00pm 4018 Price/ CEH: $35/ 2 Hours Who Can Attend?: ALL ARE WELCOME!


A New Shear Moment!

“I Smell Smoke”

By Dawn Miles

While I was a student in esthetics, I was doing a facial. During the facial, my client stated to me that she was feeling cold. I brought over a heating lamp and she quickly warmed up. A short time later, I could hear whispers of “Do you smell smoke?” As I was just thinking the same thing, I turned to look toward the doorway, and there in a blaze were the drapes set on fire by the heating lamp I just brought over! In a hurry, I doused the fire with a large bowl of water. Happily the fire went out, but the drapes were ruined, the floor full of water and ash, and my client, well she was gone in a flash, not to been seen or heard from again!

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