Leadership Is Within EVERYONE!

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It is not what you accomplish that MAKES YOU A LEADER, but how your life has been signifant to others.

Anyone can be a leader!


If you have honesty, integrity, heart, dedication and unconditional love for the human spirit, you are a leader!  Every person has the opportunity to build their personal legacy on this planet simple by the way they live their own life. You have an entire lifetime to create the foundation for the people you come in contact with, sharing and demonstrating to them how to live, work, dream, build, accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Leadership means you influence, you inspire people to want to be better in anything in their life.

What a feeling to know that you were that one person who encouraged them to do something they might not thought was possible. What a gift you give when you live your life in such a way that they see it as an example of whom or what they can become. What a great leader you are when people share a story about a victory or challenge in they experienced and they mentioned your name as the bridge that helped them to see or the courage that you gave them to move forward.


You have the power!


You have the power to awaken your leadership role by making a difference in the life for someone else.  Just for today think about which of your core strengths would benefit even just one person in their pursuit of success? Where did you see UN-realized potential in someone that you can help to unleash? Where can you pass the baton of knowledge, compassion, optimism, or faith?

These are questions to ask yourself if you are truly interested in the power of injecting purpose and meaning to your role as a leader. Your time spent with anyone can have an enormous impact with the relationship you cultivated, the stories you shared and by the feeling you left them with to go out and spread their wings or shared some love.

You will be amazed at how you can change the world simply with your presence!

If you’re not going to make a difference… Get out of my way!-Bono


A NEW Shear Moment!

On a mission!

The first time I met Chris he was about 15 years old.  I saw this cute kid joyously riding his bike weaving in and out of the street holding ever so tightly a red rose between his teeth.  I couldn’t help but race outside to see where he was going.

He stopped across the street at the neighbors eagerly waiting for a young girl to come out.  She stepped out, smiled then started giggling as he fell off his bike trying not to lose the red rose stuck between his teeth.

Sticking to his plan, he stayed on the ground, smiling from ear to ear, he then got on one knee and offered her the half bent red rose.

Sticking to his plan, he stayed on the ground, smiling from ear to ear, he then got on one knee and offered her the half bent red rose.

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