Kathy Jager

  The Beauty Industry’s Inspiring Cosmetology Coach!


Kathy Jager is the expert in teaching Soft Skills She is the cosmetology coach that helps beauty professionals grow successful careers by teaching them the essential skills needed for a life time career in cosmetology. She does this by providing her 30 year experience in the beauty industry with her dedication, passion and entrepreneurial background. In her trainings she demonstrates how to build, market, and perform like a superstar.
She offers the BEST programs that contribute to the personal and professional growth of beauty professionals.


Her classes are interactive, exciting, and engaging. She custom designs classes for the beauty school student, the teachers, the independent stylist as well as classes for the veteran beauty professionals.


The focus is on career development, career choices, client relations, and the value of personal and professional growth.


Her passion for the industry is the driving force for her education.
Nothing gets her more excited than to coach other people to reach their dreams by offering them a chance to see a bright future.


We offer 5 Signature Classes!


Rock in the Shop

Unplugged noted for your Success
(For the Student)

YES, You Can Be an Entrepreneur
(For the Independent/Booth Renter)

Super – Size your Leadership Skills for Success
(For the Teacher/Manager)

Industry Ready

Are your students Industry Ready?

A check list to build better beauty Professionals
(For the Teacher/Manager)

Let’s Get Fired Up!

learn the best kept secrets for a lifetime career
(For ALL Beauty Professionals)


For more information about these classes visit our website



Helping build the Essential Skills for Success!

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