Kathy Jager​ Presents..

“Rockin the Shop”

A Totally AWESOME  Beauty School Program!

We will ROCK your students OUT!



Class is in session when this bell rings. Bringing on a FRESH perspective and all the energy and excitement that the new generation can handle.

We Motivate, Educate and Engage your students to understand what makes the defining difference to the success of today’s cosmetologist. 

This class guarantees results in the attitudes and performance of your students. 

 You can expect:

SimplePowerfulMemorable Education with your students participating in the educational learning experience!



Class Objectives:

To provide students with an overview and understanding of the full array of “soft skills” needed to continuously move up in our industry from entry level and beyond.

​To offer support about career choices and options in cosmetology with an emphasis on business and professional development, personal development, self-image and ongoing commitment to skill building, education and learning.

  • To help students assess their career objectives, as well as their strengths and weaknesses, so as to move forward with confidence, and claim their place in the industry.



3 Lifelong benefits for your students!

1. HOW to become a better communicator and WHY it is the most important valuable skill for today’s cosmetologist!

2. How to build, market and create a lifetime career that is personally and financially rewarding!

3. How to project a more confident, polished and professional image that empowers recognition and respect!


OUR PROMISE…To bring the professional cosmetology experience to life in a fun and vibrant way that helps students determine their goals, understand their profession, and Enjoy the ride!

“Kathy Jager is a Rockstar! I enjoyed the presentation immensely!” —Lori D

“Loved that this class wasn’t “sanitized” it was real life. Awesome!” – RachelYo

“You can really tell that she CARES about our future!”- Elise Sabatino



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   “The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life!”- Plato


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