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Top Ten Tips For Engaged Learning Made Simple


1.) Easy Conversation Starters

– Use tactics such as simple questions like “How was your weekend?”, “How did you do on that test last week?”, or “what are you most looking forward to this weekend?”. Be interested in THEIR life!


2.) Students want to help create a lesson, let them co-create!

– Pick a student and have them work on a lesson plan with you or have a student pick another classmate and have them both work on a lesson plan together for the day!


3.) Students need to be constantly connected!

– They thrive on collaboration. Yes, use social media too! Take advantage of today’s technology and try to find ways to incorporate them in your lesson plans.


4.) Learning needs to be entertaining!

– People pay attention for 1/2 their age in minutes (Ex. If they are 20 years old, they will give you around 10 minutes of their full attention). Use humor in any of your lesson plans such as a funny video or a funny story!


5.) Change it up every 10 minutes!

– Remember! Your goal is to help them get information and retain it! How you do it needs to be Creative!


6.) YOU try to participate in the lesson Plan of the day!

– It will help students to FOCUS!


7.) Students are usually more focused in a WORKSHOP!

– Group settings and game playing is how they learn and feel that it is more fun!


8.) Interacting and Engagement Experiences!

– Students want to express themselves individually and when involved and engaging in activity they have opportunity to do just that!


9.) Embrace the new “Teaching” Methods!

– Integrate both classroom and social! We the teachers must change our methods and adapt and adjust to our students personalities


10.) Greet them enthusiastically!

– You WILL see a big difference!

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