Are you looking for ways to build your business and create loyalty for years to come?

Do you need something to keep clients interested while maintaining an excellent working relationship? How do we keep our clients from browsing other salons?

Offer a Rewards Program!

Marketing programs that reward customers for their patronage are not uncommon. In fact, it is highly competitive today with the overload of offers and the variety of exclusive discounts that are innovative and enticing. The service we provide is only half of our job. The other half is how we position ourselves in the market to get the fan base that keeps on growing. What are clients looking for and how can we get them to think of us first. This is the area of marketing where we really need to shine. We must ask ourselves “What makes us unique and how are we going to build lasting relationships that dazzle clients, making them want to tell all their friends?”

Salons realize that they have to continually find ways to build client loyalty and nurture their business. Giving back with some fun little rewards is a great way to build retention and let your clients know that you value them.

Deciding which way to go…

Because of the fast and instantaneous access one gets from viewing online, internet marketing that offers a rewards program that clients can view with the simple click of a button is a great way to start. The program is explained and clients can learn how to earn their rewards instantly.

In-salon programs are just as effective, especially when other clients see what is given when they are rewarded.

It creates an “I want that” feeling and generates a community of belonging to a special group.

There are many ways to market your rewards program:

  • Coupons
  • VIP Club
  • Punch Cards
  • Points
  • Salon Dollars
  • Vouchers
  • Percentage Off Programs
  • Free Gifts With Purchase Programs
  • Contests

Go ahead, investigate your competition. Be pro-active and diversify your programs to see the effects of how one of “life’s little perks” can bring a smile to your client and help build loyalty to your business.

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A New Shear Moment!


Just when I thought all my working out was paying off, one of my dear weekly ladies told me otherwise.

It was a typical Thursday with our weekly gang waiting for their usual blowouts. It was a full house in the salon with everyone chatting about diet and exercise. Just as I was sharing my stories about a new intense workout program I had been doing for the past month, the client sitting in the chair tweets in and says “You work with your arms all day long and now you’re doing this work out?! I’m surprised your arms are still flapping!” OOPS!

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