Did you ever stop to wonder why a client returns to a salon year after year?

Is it the warm welcome from the receptionist at the front desk? The new check-your-e-mail-while-you-process Internet Cafe? Is it the mini neck massage you delivered at the shampoo bowl? Granted, these are all fantastic amenities and marketing efforts to target new clients and keep your existing ones excited, and I honor the fact that providing the latest trends in services and products are a great way to lure the client in the salon doors. However, what really brings back the client year after year is the one-on-one human touch connection between the client and the stylist, the relationship that transpires out of trust and personal experience. It’s that very human and irreplaceable connection that makes or breaks the client’s experience.


Clients come to us for so much more than our expertise.

They come to receive validation for who they are and where they are in their life. The most important skill they never taught you in beauty school was how to deal with the many different personalities you come into contact with daily. When clients come to you, they have a story to tell, usually about what is happening in their lives. Their hair is a huge reflection of what is going on! You have the golden tools to not only make that client look good, but also to make him or her feel magnificent! Clients look to you as a role model with all the necessary goods to “fix” them and their self-image. Wow! What a thought! Your work on their head plays a significant part in their life’s events.


Think about it.

How many times have you had to comfort clients to help them feel better about what was going on in their life? Clients come to us because they place value in what we have to offer them spiritually. We add a rainbow of color to people’s lives that few others can provide. This, I believe is the gift that we have to offer, our personal touch that comes from our heart to theirs. This service cannot be bought nor can it be eliminated. It is the sunshine that you provide to another human being. The connection and the time you spend with them personally are what they treasure.


One day…

you might wonder why you are still standing behind that chair and then you’ll reflect back on all the lives you have touched and the ones that have touched yours, and you will remember. Be proud to be a cosmetologist!




More than a Doo!

…It was about 15 years ago when this lovely, refined, slender woman walked into the salon cautiously to meet her new hairdresser. She was about seventy-five years young at the time and we began our standing weekly Thursday appointments at 11. This went on for years as we developed our wonderful Client/ Hairdresser relationship.

As time passed by so did her friends, leaving her feeling a bit lonely with noone available to share life with.One day as we chatted about the latest movies she mentioned that she would like to see one but had no one to go with. “I’ll go with you!” I said. From then on we made a date and once a month we would go to the show and out to lunch. We were friends.

Last Christmas she gave me a card with a gift certificate to our favorite place “Think of me when you come here” it read.

Burtha went on to meet her friends this year, she was 91. that gift certificate will always remain on the wall in my salon and our time together will always be a treasure in my heart.

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