Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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Are you ready?!

The Holidays are near, and department stores are prepared by loading up on gift buying ideas for the happy shopper. They know how and when to capitalize on one of the biggest money making times of the year.  Are you ready?

Salons across the country can become more profitable at this time of year than any other simply by positioning themselves and their staff to sell more retail.  There is a 40 to 50 percent profit margin that you can recap from selling retail products. Let’s prepare your salon for the most wonderful time of the year!

Silver Bells Create the spirit of holiday shopping and the gift buying adventure by providing a festive shopping atmosphere. Decorate tastefully, choose a variety of Christmas music and place signs to direct them to your products.  Customers want that warm inviting feeling to alter their buying experience.  When you have the proper environment, people want to stay a while and spend money.  Offer ways to invite them to shop, by having a welcome table with refreshments and perhaps a flier with all your gift packages listed so they can walk around your retail area and go through each display.  The idea is to give them a reason to hang out.

Selling Success It is a proven fact that you will retain over 90 percent of your clients when they purchase professional products from you. Your clients want you to recommend them your product choices. They need to understand the value of what the products can do for them at home. It builds credibility as a professional.

If you’re not selling professional products to them, they will purchase elsewhere. Why let that happen?  This is a profitable time; all you need is the energy to prepare your salon with great promotions and holiday ideas that create sales.
12 Days of Christmas “IDEAS
* Prepare pre-packaged gift baskets.
* Hold a VIP day.
* Have an open house every week.
* Host a private holiday sale.
* Highlight a featured item.
* Send postcards and offer holiday product gifts at 20 percent off.
* E-mail a product coupon for their next visit.
* Reward your client with a ‘Free Gift” for every $25-$100 spent on products.
* Offer a next purchase coupon with purchase of $50 spent.
* Do a “mix and match” day with any two products.
* Display big basket of stocking stuffers of small retail products near the front desk.
* Create a “Good Will” charity display by offering $1 off a retail product and donating to help the hungry or CUT IT OUT program.
Holly Jolly Christmas

One of the biggest techniques used in the sale of any product is the proper use of language.  If you position your marketing to be eye-catching as well as emotion-driven, you are almost guaranteed to have a jolly Christmas season.  Using the right words on signs or displays lures your customer to want to experience the feeling they think they will get from that product.  Examples include: “treat yourself right,”  “fantasy hair,” ‘’sexy lips,” “age defying,” “timeless beauty,” etc.

Words play an important role in creating a mood for the client to purchase.  Customers want to feel what the product can do for them as well as the performance it offers.

Santa’s Little Helpers

REMEMBER THESE WORDS… Touch it, Smell It, Feel it, Buy it!

* Products need to be touchable

*Use effective language on signs or displays

*Keep well-stocked shelves

*Have a featured item of the week

*HELP them purchase

We Wish You A Merry Christmas, and a profitable and healthy New Year!

To your success!

Kathy Jager


The Weekly Doo”
A poem to remind you to appreciate your weekly clients

I’ll see you next week, as you walk out the door…
with a smile on your face, that look I adore.
We just had our visit it was such great fun,
learning and growing…one on one.
I enjoy our weekly times, they enhance my life…
You give me more then you know, you are a guiding light.
Thank you for your friendship, the stories that you share,
the laughter that we have, the memories that say…you care.
I’ll see you next week; I’ll give you a hug,
Please know in your heart…you are dearly LOVED!
Let’s remember to…Take care of the people who take care of you.
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