Let’s all take a moment to 

Be Grateful…


* Thanksgiving is a time of year to remind us of the wonderful people in our lives, both professionally and personally. It is also a time to reflect on the everyday treasures that we don’t even realize are truly gifts. One very overlooked blessing is the nature of our profession. We are in an industry that is all about being positive. Our main mission is to make people look and feel magnificent. Think about that for a moment. We help our clients see their own personal beauty. Through our artistry, we visualize, we create, and we let our inspiration flow. We get to talk about life issues, help clients solve their problems, and sometimes we even get to solve our own. There is no need to have to pick up the paper; we get the entire outside world news right in our chair.

* Being in the beauty industry allows us to dress fashionably, listen to upbeat music, and have the freedom to express ourselves. All this, and we get PAID highly for doing it. Have you yet to find another career that is so fulfilling personally and professionally? So fellow stylist, it is time to give THANKS this season to the people who make this industry survive…our clients.


 Take a moment…


* Let’s face it; you would’t have a business without your faithful clients. Some will always drive you crazy; some will always touch your heart. But the one thing that keeps our industry going is the client. Take a moment when finished with thier service to thank everyone for his or her continual patronage—this shows that you appreciate their friendship as well as their business.

 Happy Thanksgiving Beauty professionals!


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