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How many times a day do you think people ask you what’s new? Do you always think of something new to tell them?

Clients want to hear and talk about everything from the latest trends in hair and fashion, to the best restaurants, to the greatest date you had, as well as current affairs, life stories, music, travel and whatever else pops up in their minds. We have to be informed and ready to offer something interesting to keep the conversation going and let them know we are educated individuals with many things to share.

Do you respond to the question “what’s new?”  with a basic casual statement such as, “Oh, nothing.” However, in the back of your mind you know there is plenty new, but in order to keep the conversation simple you said, “nothing” only to have that person respond back to you with, ‘oh that’s too bad?”

Have you ever been engaged in a conversation with a client who knows everything about what is happening in the world? Do they get angry when they ask, “Did you hear what happened today?” and you respond, “no I haven’t, but tell me about it”.  Instead of telling you, do they snap back and embarrass you by saying “You really should read the paper!”
Clients have a unique way of keeping us newsworthy by their high expectations of our knowledge on all topics. It is part of their experience to be informed as well as be serviced.
Not interested but you know you need to be? Here are a few suggestions:

Get the highlights…

Go on the internet or read the headlines and skim the top stories.

Flip through People magazine to check out the celebrity looks and latest gossip.

Educate yourself on your community and nearby events.

Host something ‘New” – Product, Service, Charity

Embellish a personal story!

A NEW Shear Moment!

The Silver Fox

We as beauty professionals never really know how much we affect people with the words that we choose when we are simply engaged in our daily work. Those little comments we might make when we are finished with our masterpiece just might be all the magic someone needs to fill their hearts that day with some joy. I have a client who has been patronizing the salon for years. As we both aged together I colored my silvers and he kept his going natural. Time passed by and I began to call him the Silver Fox when I was finished with his haircut. He would look in the mirror and smile; that was how I could tell he liked his hair and the little nick name.  Last time he was in, I finished styling his hair and he sat in the chair waiting as if I forgot something… I said” how does it feel?”

He replied… The Silver Fox Returns!

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