Successfully Branding your Salon Persona!

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The Salon Business is a people business filler with all types of personalities, but what about your salon personality? Are you clear about the image you are presenting to the public? In other words how do you market your salon style? Branding your salon gives your business an identity and helps build your your reputation. It’s a way for clients to quickly understand what your salon is all about.


Creating a Motto

Coming up with a motto is an excellent way to identify your salon and it’s focus. Start with an affirmation about the type of salon you are. Affirmations clarify your image and make a connection between your vision, and what you deliver on a daily basis. It is the same as having a daily goal that you strive for that sets the foundation for your business.

At our salon, the motto is ” Enhancing Your Total Self- Image is Our Business”

Although I operate the salon alone with a few assistants, We stay focused by keeping our energy high and referencing to the motto in our day-to-day experiences. The motto sharpens our goal… which is to satisfy the client’s individual taste with a made to order experience.

Branding My Salon  

With the motto focused and a clear understanding of they type of clientele, we created a space reminiscent of an Italian Bistro. I adore cafes and wanted to mimic the comfortable and relaxed feeling you get when you are sitting sipping a cup of coffee with a friend in a cafe. We wanted to be able to build a small world of our own with a bistro image. The salon decor gives a lighthearted feeling with rich energetic, yet soothing colors and novelties of the past and present. By using the ‘ Bistro theme” virtually all of the marketing materials carries a Beauty Bistro flavor.. form the grapevines incorporated into the salon name, to the menu of services with offerings listed by course.The feeling of being connected and being relaxed enough to create conversation with potentially anyone turning strangers into friends is carried throughout  the ambiance. This marketing objective deliverers an easy, familiar, yet creative message, and leaves unlimited possibilities for new materials. This is our brand, a place where our communication speaks to our customer and our value is expressed through our loyalty and  work ethics.

What is your Niche?

There are all types of salons out there. From bargain basements, to prestigious day spas. Each one has its own style of doing business. I am convinced that clients come to us for the whole package.

  • They come for the service
  • They admire the ambiance
  • They desire convenience
  • They want variety and quality
  • They want a fair price

While these criteria are important, the biggest reason a client returns is for the feeling of comfort. Clients want to go to a salon that gives them a positive self -image, but also a place where it is easy for them to express themselves. In order for a client to feel comfortable, they need to know what your salon is all about. Are you a place where everyone knows your name, or are you a quiet salon that reflects a formal setting? Quick cut salons appeal to some while the royalty of day spas appeal to others. It is all about the personality of the client and what they need. Your salon style validates who you are to the public.

No matter what your salon persona is if it is clearly connected to the essence of your spirit, your clients will be eager to return again and again.

Do an Inventory

Take a few minutes to think about how you present your salon. Do you have a motto? Do you carry a theme throughout your marketing? Would you visit your salon? Why? Your salon style is in direst proportion with how you conduct and maintain your business image. The bond between client and salon is built on trust, loyalty, and shared life experiences that continue to grow after each visit. The bottom line is that were are in a people business, and people respond to atmosphere that reflect their personalities. Our job is to create an environment that attracts the type of personality that will encourage our business to grow. A great gage for your salon’s success is “when a client leaves with a smile and returns with a friend!”

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