The beauty industry is forever changing and with all the different models of doing business today, clients have many options to choose from. How do we keep our existing clients from browsing other salons and what can we do to build new business along the way?

The smartest way to achieve your business goals is to remember that marketing is a constant and continual journey. There is no ONE WAY today of marketing.

You need to learn how to inter-grade strategies of old school marketing, meets new school technology marketing all in the pursuit of building a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Our clients want and deserve the very best value for their time and money and we need to be pro active in finding out how they want to be marketed to as well as what it is that they desire their personal customer service to FEEL like.

Understanding these two elements can help you in your development of marketing to your ideal client and keeping them in your chair for years.

Here are top 10 Marketing Ideas to inspire you to try…

Offer Rewards program!

Marketing programs that reward customers for their patronage are not new. In fact, it is highly competitive today with the overload of offers and the variety of exclusive discounts that are innovative and enticing. The service we provide is only half of our job. The other half is where we need to shine we must ask ourselves” What makes us unique and how are we going to build lasting relationships that dazzle them to want to tell all their friends?”

Create a Newsletter

Nothing is better to a client than to stay connected with you. You have an incredible opportunity to showcase your work, client’s celebrations, monthly specials or just fashion and hair news through a nice easy newsletter.

Create a Survey

Find out what your clients want and need from your salon and ASK them for constructive feedback. The more you know, the better you can serve.

Offer Employee Appreciation Day

Build a net work with your local business and host an employee appreciation day to help encourage community and foster relationships.

Offer on-line appointments

With technology changing so is the way clients want to book their appointments. We need to have 24 hour access.


Clients need and want to feel special. Offer a unique basket or bag of products, lotions, brushes ECT, with your menu and a gift card to come back for their first experience with you.

Be Social

Post, Post, Post! On face book, linked in, insta- gram and now periscope if you’re interested to showcase your work and let your clients see and hear from you. Remember…..don’t be a one hit wonder. If you start to use these social media stay consistent.

Host in- Salon Events

Clients LOVE to be a part of something. Why not host events such as an Open House, a cut- a –thon to help your community or a client in need. Have a Mother’s day, Father’s day contest …why your mom or dad should win a day of beauty or pampering. Try a trivia day to let clients win services, or products. The idea of events is to just create FUN and excitement in your salon so you give them something to talk about.

Friends Night

Something magical happens when friends and beauty meet. Have a $10.00 for you and $10.00 for a friend night to use on any color service when they BOOK TOGETHER.

The Hand Written Note

There is nothing more personal and appreciative than an old fashion hand written note to say Thank you, I appreciate you, I care about you, I am just thinking of you today. This is a lost but not forgotten BEST way to connect to the special clients who come into your chair and leave a lasting impression on your heart.

Do you need more?

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