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How to build, market, and perform like a rock star!


Someone once asked me what is it like to be a cosmetologist?


The response, “It’s kind of like being a ROCK STAR!”You have a stage to perform on, fan’s that love you, a back- up band that supports you and a feeling of fortune and fame.This all sounds glamorous but as with any other cover band trying to get into the bright lights, you need to know what the difference is of being a rock star and thinking you are one. You must know what qualities and skills it takes to earn your way to success. How do you learn? Simply by observing other rock stars and their personal journeys of trials, changes and success of being a cosmetologist and then, key word here…apply that to your own journey.

So …How are you going to do it? How are you going to Stand Out and build the life you want?



You have to first tell yourself what you want your career to look like. You can’t build what you do not visualize. How do you see yourself in this industry…do you want a big salon with tones of stylist? Or do you prefer an elite clientele with high end people? Do you see yourself on stage doing platform work, or involved with fashion and photography? May be you just wanting to work for yourself a few days a week. The beauty of this industry is that you can custom design your career to fit your own personal style.

The best way to build your career is to CARE… Care for your clients, care for your career, and care for yourself. If your daily work is composed of these 3 mind-full thoughts with sincerity, you will have a beautiful career. Your focus should always be to accommodate the wants and needs of your clients. Learn to put your own personal issues away when you’re crafting your business behind the chair and focus on building relationships with the people that you meet, instead of thinking that you are just going to work to make money. Clients can feel the difference, and if you take pride in what you do, give them you full attention, and show them by the way you personally conduct and take care of yourself, you will have revealed the essence of what life as professional cosmetologist is all about.


Marketing yourself is where the true test begins to see if you have what it takes to make it in this business. Because we as cosmetologist must be able to constantly and continually year after year rebuild our clientele. People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime and it is our job to make their experience so memorable that they want to come back as well as tell all their friends and family about you. The hard part about this is that you have to continually reinvent yourself to stay in the loop of what is going on in your industry as well as how today’s clients want to be reached.

One suggestion with all the focus on building your business through social media is that you remember what this business is about… and that is, that it is about people first. Although times have changed and social media is a new wave to market yourself, I still stand by and will encourage professionals to build your business through personal one-on –one communication and word- of- mouth. Let your work speak for itself, take the time to care for each one as a valued human being, keep current, and your clients will be your walking face book, instasgram, pintrest, ECT…


Being a cosmetologist means you wear many hats, and one of those hats is that you are a performer. It is part of your position to be able to entertain your guest as well as offer them an outstanding service.If you don’t want to be a one hit wonder than you must understand that although we need every technical skill we learned in beauty school there is a whole other education, and skill set that is required in order to really sustain and stay in our industry. You have to be a perpetual student in life and appreciate and understand why you need to incorporate Soft Skills in your daily work and how important it is to combine the two skill sets to complete your education as a cosmetologist.

If you really want to succeed you must be well rounded in every area of your performance. It is a fact that most of the time clients leave because they are board with your work, not stimulated with your conversation, don’t feel the connection, or they out grew the atmosphere in the salon. Being a performer you have to be in tune with what it is your audience is looking for. You have to have a well rounded skill set that that you continue to build upon that will raise your confidence to help you get to the Rock Star level you believe you are or want to be. The key is to work harder on your personal development skills than you do anything else. When this is your focus, your fans will see it in your performance and want to follow, support, and be excited to have you take the stage and be their personal rock star stylist!


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