There’s a Sneaky Stylist in Town!

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Beware Who’s in Your Chair!

Developing Chair Side Manners…

Have you ever gone to a Dentist or Doctor and just didn’t like the way they made you feel? You booked an appointment, hoping they will have the solution to your dental issue or personal health. Once you arrived, they hurried you through the service and left you with a feeling like they just didn’t care if you were in their chair or not. Well, that is what some clients experience when they come to us. They choose us for our expertise to get their personal beauty needs met; expecting an attentive, caring, creative stylist- only to be let down by an over worked, energy drained, careless person who just wants to get the service done, go home or look at their phone.This is not everyone, but it is happening more than you think.

I am a sneaky stylist, and I personally have been less than satisfied with what I have been experiencing in some of the salons. I mysteriously visit salons to see how I am treated, what new services are being promoted and how well I am serviced. I do this to give myself a check- up from the neck up, and to make sure I am on top of my game. I challenge my chair side manners. I go to a different salon once a month and rate my experience on these 10 areas:

·         Presentation

·         Accommodation

·         Professionalism

·         Sanitation

·         Communication

·         Staff Camaraderie

·         Enthusiasm, Effort

·         Technical Execution

·         Retail Recommendation

·         Reward/ Why I should come back

·         And the way they make me feel

The beauty industry is the BEST career path with massive amounts of opportunities to explore. We are the one business people are willing to spend their hard- earned money on with the return of an up lifted feeling when they leave. Simple request right? Then let’s get excited for our career and showcase an attitude of gratitude for the fantastic opportunity to make someone who is sitting in your chair look and feel amazing. There are so many reasons why a client will not return and most of the time it is because of the way you made that person feel when they were in your chair. Your technical skills will only take you so far in this business, if you’re in for the journey, work harder on your chair side manners than you do on anything else. Your personal actions will go a long way when you’re trying to build comfort and trust.


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