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My sincerest Thank You goes out to all for the support I received to enhance the value and educational opportunity of this year’s Education Rocks Scholarship recipient, Kyle Robert Stramaglia! Sharing the passion, passing the wisdom, and helping to open the door to an excited new beauty professional is just ANOTHER great example of how the beauty industry works its magic in creating beautiful human experiences in the lives of others.


I’m proud to be a part of a community of professionals who care about the future of today’s cosmetologist!



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Why is it that most beauty professionals do not like to recommend retail products?

Is it the fear of rejection? Do you think the client won’t be willing to pay a particular price for a certain product? Selling retail is a big part of your service. It’s your responsibility as a professional to recommend the proper products and tools to help your client duplicate the look they leave the salon with.

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One of the defining moments in a hairdressers life, is when once a little boy coming in with his mom, grows up and drives with a friend to come see his personal stylist and transforms right in front of you.

He’s 17 now and can make his own choice where to get his hair cut. He always wore his hair over his ears and straight down in the front constantly flatting it with his hands because it was so ‘puffy” as he would say. ‘ I would try to convince him that it would lay down better if we shortened it and thinned it out, but he would always say ‘ But this is the way I like it.” But this time when I asked him how he wanted his hair cut his friend jumped in and said ‘get it tight!” Come on dude; get it tight, it will look cool on you!’ It’s time for a change! The 17 year old said, you think it will look good on me? YES! I said, so happily that we had validation from his friend. His friend jumped in again and said, ‘trust me dude the chicks will love it!

We did it tight!

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