1. Passion –

Having it, keeping it, and knowing how to bring it back.


2. Personalize Their Experience –

Keep each client individual.


3. “Wow” the Client –

Go beyond a great haircut.


4. Listen –

Get plugged into the human connection.


5. Excellent Communication Skills –

Have a dialog that makes the client feel you understand what he/she is saying.


6. Be Consistent –

Don’t be “on” one day and “off” the next…don’t be a “One Hit Wonder”!


7. Stay Fresh –

Be a perpetual student. Update your skills, go get the information on news, trends, products, business, marketing social media, etc.


8. Be a Performer –

Remember the show must go on! Even when you’re not “ON” that day, showcase your specialties.


9. Make a Commitment to Your Goals –

Stay focused and disciplined to create good daily habits.


10. Work From Your Heart –

We are in a PEOPLE business. CARE about your clients.

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