Have you ever wondered why a client hesitates to re-book? Was it the service? Was it the atmosphere? Was it the new techniques you incorporated? Perhaps the coffee was too cold? Did you offer anything new for their hair, face, or nails? What kind of day were you personally having?

Learn the real reason why clients return….

It is not so much the big things in life that make the difference, but the little things that you do daily that have an impact on another human spirit.  Our business is about the people first.  That is the number one thing to remember.  Yes we do hair makeup and nails, yes we are all artists, yes we know fashion, but none of that matters if you don’t have anyone to share it with.  This is a people business. Learning to love people first will fill your pockets with success.  Taking care of the souls of our clients by doing small acts of kindness will keep them returning year after year.  By allowing them to share their stories, investing time in the visits, and offering compassion for their life concerns means a lot because they are people. People need people to care and we are care- takers. We take care of their beauty needs, but we also take care of their spirits. The best thing you can do to keep your clients returning is to offer your best self, the love for your industry and the passion that drives you.


·       Unsatisfied with service

·       Cut too short

·        Not enough attention

·        Bad attitude of stylist

·       Stylist did not listen

·       Personality difference/no connection

·       Wait too long/overbooked

·       Salon atmosphere

·       Bored

·       Price

Earning a clients business means putting the extra effort and offering your personal touch to ensure you have serviced that client in every possible way. First impressions can make or break your chances of winning that client, there fore do a Personal Check In to help create  a memorable experience!

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America’s Beauty Show Presents:

Engaged Learning Made SimpleTM

 Let’s make learning fun!  Come EXPERIENCE our NEW teaching module offering the valuable Soft Skills needed for the success of today’s cosmetologist. This unique program focuses on personal and professional development with engaging activities to help create a fun, learning environment connecting the leader and the professional all the while building life skills that go beyond the knowledge of a beauty school’s curriculum. 

     What you will learn:
  •  Learn “Quick Tips Activities” to improve engage and inspire your students to participate in the educational learning experience!
  •  How to create face to face interactions in the classroom for better communication skills and one on one interaction.
  •  Discover how to encourage creativity, build relationships, and engage in peer participation while teaching life lessons that produce successful students!      

 Regester here:



Monday March 11

1:00-3:00pm #4019

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