1. Live by the “three feet” rule
    • Talk to anyone that comes within three feet of you – whether you’re at the school gates, the bank, out shopping. There are thousands of potential customers or recruits out there that don’t know what they are missing
  2. Keep up with the times
    • Twitter is a great way to communicate with customers and potential customers about e.g. sale items and exciting new products as more and more people now use Smartphones and want to receive information at the touch of a button.  Don’t forget to invite your customers to sign up
  3. Spread the word
    • Giving away simple tips and sharing knowledge is the key to successful networking.  Supply a great training schedule or a fantastic service and people will be inspired to talk about you and recommend your businessservices – the term networking is just another word for sharing
  4. Embrace new ideas!
    • Lots of people are afraid of the internet and new technology because they have little or no knowledge on it but the best thing is to jump in, get online and start learning.  Be ready to give your ideas to anyone that is willing to listen – from basics to uploading and downloading of videos to blogging, creating newsletter, websites and other innovative ideas that reflect you as a business person!
  5. If at first you don’t succeed….
    • Success in business is often a numbers game – a lot of people won’t listen to your ideas and you will be rejected, but the more people you speak to the more potential clients you find
  6. Fortune is in the follow up!
    • Never neglect a lead and never be shy about calling on a contact who can help you.
  7. Approach digital as you would anything else
    • When networking through social media, maintain the same approach and apply what you have already learnt from face-to-face networking into this new environment.  The same skills apply online as offline.
  8. Apply the three minute speed dating maxim to business
    • At a social or business gathering, try and speak to each person for at least three minutes before politely moving on to talk to someone else.  That way you make sure you won’t miss out on any potential new contacts that could help boost your business.
  9. Sometimes it’s good to follow the crowd
    • Facebook can be a really useful tool, the networking potential is unlimited and offers the opportunity to reach new clients.  Start a group, set up a business page, post reviews, videos, photos and written collateral and engage more people with less legwork.
  10. Be a networkee
    • The old adage of “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” still holds strong.  If you are active in facilitating relationships between people you’ll soon reap the benefits when it comes to calling in a favour like a request for an introduction to a useful contact.
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