How well do you relate to people? The beauty of the beauty industry is that it is personal!  We get that one on one contact of everyday interaction with the opportunity to touch, speak, and be intimate with clients. Our business is all about engagement. The face to face dialog that is a big part of the human connection and cannot be replaced with technology… You simply can’t text a salon experience!

We are a hot commodity in today’s market place because of the magical way we can make a difference… to make people look and feel magnificent! Our daily work is one of the only careers that offers people a platform to feel like they have a safe place to express themselves, a place where everybody knows their name and we are always glad they came!

Building lasting relationships and learning to relate with clients is much more than offering a hot cup of coffee, doing a great hair service and a giving them a mini neck massage. It goes much deeper than that. The salon experience should carry the feeling of comfort  they can call their home. Clients are looking to us to help them feel accepted and valued for who they are. They want and need real human conversation. Communication is our business! We have to be able to educate, entertain, and have compassion for the people who come to us. Your personality is a big part of why they will return. You don’t have to be the greatest cosmetologist to have a fantastic career in this business, but you do have to be able to communicate and have the love of people to succeed.

  Excellent Communications skills encompass not only your interaction with clients, but also with your fellow co-workers and employees. It is the way you conduct yourself that people will evaluate negative or positive. Your communication skills showcase your abilities and give people a window into your soul. It helps us better understand each other and improves relationships by deepening the connections.

What’s YOUR Personal Communication Style?

Are you bold and unafraid to voice your opinion, or are you more empathic, picking up on the unspoken communication ” body language”of others and know how to respond accordingly? We deal with many personalities, moods, and emotions and our communication style has to be able to adapt and adjust to fit each of our guest as individuals. 

Are You A Listener Or A Talker?

Good communications in business, whether you’re talking to a client or an employee, is a two-way street. Dominating the conversation might be fun for you but think of your client or the person your talking to;  Remember… communication is respecting each others time to share back and forth they don’t want to be just a listener. Let them do most of the talking, it makes them feel important and gives them a personalized experience.

How to build good communication skills?

Ask Questions! Learn to get interested in them. Remember what they told you last time they were in. Ask clients for feedback, look in their eyes, pay attention to their conversation, and be engaged.

When you step back and look at how important the art of good communication in our business really is, you can understand why so many people fail. Most of the time it is because they did not want to build on that one skill that defines you in business and in life, communication. If you think you could benefit from a little verbal ‘polishing’ to ensure you get your message across then don’t be afraid to consider brushing up your skills with dedicated communication skills training.


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A NEW Shear



I love Thursdays! The salon is filled with women who have been coming  for years. There is no age limit to the abundance of joy that is spread as the chair turns from one client to the next.

Last week there were two ladies whom both have been coming for a long time. The one said how long have you been coming here? 10 years she said, I am a new comer  she giggled… and you?

I have been coming for 25 years she said so proudly; and now look… you and I are such good friends just by seeing each other every week!

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