EDUCATION is the information highway you need, and the key to your success! No matter where you are in your journey, nothing will continue to flourish without the knowledge and power of EDUCATION, period!

You could be in your industry for years, thinking you know all there is to know and still be in the dark of what is new and how things can improve for your career and business. One class, one workshop, or one conference could change the whole direction of your life. You will never know anymore than you do right now unless you seek out the information you need to succeed! Educate yourself in all areas of life. Whether you are fresh in the business or have been around for awhile, engage yourself in your profession and feel the love you receive from all the wonderful relationships you make along the way.

Because our business is about the PEOPLE!

Did you know that lifelong learning is the commitment you make towards improving self development, self motivation, and self discipline for your future?
Always reach out for your professional development. Don’t let the fire burn for what can truly be a magical career. Find new ways to enjoy your work and take on new challenges because this builds the confidence you need to achieve your dreams. Nurture your career just like you would a relationship that you don’t want to end.

Benefits of Continual Education:

  • You will have opportunities to network with like-minded people to solve problems.

  • You grow personally and professionally

  • You learn what’s NEW!

  • You get inspired to take action


WE will be there….Will you?




Monday, March 5 @ 1:30-3:30

Room 4021



  • Business and marketing skills that support professional integrity and independent success.
  • Discover survival tactics, time management tips, and ways to avoid burnout
  • Advantages and Dis advantages of being independent
  • How to create BALANCE
  • Marketing ideas that you can USE in your mini salon

FINALLY a class built specifically for the independent salon professional!

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A NEW Shear Moment



· Have you ever been in a salon on a Saturday? There is usually an electrifying energy in people that transpires in a salon on a Saturday. I am not sure why, but ask any cosmetologist and they will agree, that sometimes it is crazy.

Last week it was one of those Saturday’s. People in and out, the phone ringing off the wall, I was running behind all day and my next two clients came in earlier than their scheduled appointment. The day was getting the best of me… and my client, who was sitting waiting and witnessed this whole day transpire.

The next clients were two teenagers who just got back from their spring break so they were fired up to share with me and the rest of the salon all the fun they had. Both of them were talking at the same time and it was hard to hear anyone. You would be looking at the two of them like a ping pong ball to try and listen and grasp what they were saying. By the time my other client was finished with her shampoo, she had enough fun for one day. She walked over to my chair sat down, gave me a long pause and said “Let’s all take a moment of silence!” We both laughed!

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