Will you be there to Experience it?

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It’s Our Biggest, Boldest, and most Beautiful Show Yet!




March 21-23, 2015


America’s beauty Show is know for bringing you the BEST of education from Industry Icons around the world…  will you be there to experience it?

Are you ready to be inspired? Do you value your profession enough to want to explore the many possibilities within your career? Want to get excited again about being in this fantastic industry? Then be a participator and come to the show!


It’s Worth the Money

Going to Beauty Trade shows is worth more than the investment of time and money. The long time benefits you receive from the short time that you are there well exceeds your expectations, IF you attend with the right mindset. If the main reason you are going is just because you need continuing hours and you have no real interest in learning anything new, then surly, your time has been wasted. But, if you go to the show with the approach of connecting to your profession and looking for an opportunity to reevaluate what you already know, and you come back to the salon inspired again, then your time spent was successful. Americas Beauty Shows are designed to encourage salon professionals to challenge themselves to the next level of their career. They offer an exchange of ideas from one professional to another in all areas of this business. That alone is worth the trip.

Take Advantage of the Show

When you go to the show, you should create a plan of action. Don’t walk around without having a purpose. Before the show you should review the companies who will be there and jot down which one you are interested in seeing. All manufactures are trying to get you to come to their booth, select your first choices then go where the excitement draws you too. You will always be distracted from your direction because there is so much going on. But if you keep to your focus, then you will be satisfied with your time invested. There is an enormous amount to action at show; you have to decide what will be of benefit to your needs as a professional.

Leaders and Mentors

Everyone needs education period. You cannot grow in this business without learning and relearning all facets of being a beauty professional. Manufactures take pride in developing top-notch educators and leaders to educate you in areas that will be of benefit to your future. Finding a leader that you can relate to will encourage you to sharpen up your skills whether they would be in technical area or in business. Mentors are your link to the future and a mark to the past. They provide your career by readying you to move forward and be a bigger part of our industry. They motivate, and encourage you to look beyond what you do everyday behind the chair, and see the profession in a new light.

Network, Network, Network

Besides all the new products, new tools, new techniques, new outlook you receive from attending the beauty trade show, one of the most rewarding and fulfilling reasons to come is all the people you meet. Think about it, everyone there is a beauty professional, and where you have beauty professionals you have conversation. Our industry is filled with chatty individuals; we love to share our insight and ideas with each other. It’s our way of expressing our passion for this industry. Talking with other professionals offers different points of view on topics that may be affecting you or your salon, or perhaps they shared a new career direction they were venturing into, or a business idea that you didn’t know about. Socializing at the show is the greatest parting gift you will receive from attending. The networking possibilities are endless, and the bonding experience can be just what you and your salon needed.

Learn! Move on! Grow!… Go to the Show!

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