Help beauty professionals build successful careers and you’ll have built a great salon or school!



 “Kathy Jager is a Rockstar! I enjoyed the presentation immensely!”—Lori D


For over 30 years Kathy has been building a cosmetology career and sharing tips and snips for a promising future in cosmetology.

HER MISSION:  Help develop the essential skills for success!

  •  As a strong motivating force
  • A former cosmetology instructor
  • An experienced multidimensional professional
  • And a proven industry leader…
Kathy will deliver high-energy inspiration and passion for the field, all designed to encourage beauty professionals to identify their career goals and the actions needed to embark on a winning path.

 You can believe Kathy can help to make your next event an EXCELLENT educational experience!


In House Education Available

(Chicago Seminar Pricing)

United States Seminar Pricing Available 

(Outside of Chicago)


Contact us (708-259-3030) to learn more on how Kathy Jager & Associates can help you and your company build, market and perform successfully at every level of their career!



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