Retail Selling Is Easy

Selling Is Telling

Why is it that stylists don’t like to recommend retail products? Is it that you fear rejection? Do you think the client won’t be willing to pay a particular price for a certain shampoo or styling product? Well, think again! Selling retail is a big part of your service. It’s your responsibility as a professional to recommend the proper products and tools to help your client duplicate the look they leave the salon with.

Show & Tell Technique

It is so simple to sell retail. You are merely telling them with a quick demonstration of how it is properly used. Think of it like when you were a child and had “Show and Tell” at school. As a stylist, you know what products work best on which hair types, so when you are in the process of styling the client’s hair, just explain everything you are doing. Tell them what products you are using and why they need to continue using them.

Less Than a Minute

Taking the time to show your client a few techniques to make their styling at home easier will give your professionalism a high credibility. There is nothing a client wants more than to know how to keep his/her hairstyle looking as fabulous as when they left your chair. It only takes a minute out of your time to get your client to touch, smell, and experience the benefits of your retail products.

Let’s Play

Prompting your client to handle the product is  agreat selling strategy. while he/she is in your chair, your products are always facing them and as you use each product you hand them the bottle, open it, take some out and put it in their hand. This way, they can listen to you talk and demonstrate while they experience the touch and smell. It is incredible how the whole selling process comes to life. Clients learn about the product and feel more confident in its performance, thus, resulting in them wanting to purchase it.

Make All Products Your Favorite

When you think about your favorite product, don’t you just want everyone to know about it? When you’re telling someone about a product you get excited because you like what it does and how it makes your hair look, feel, and behave. Why not show that level of excitement with ALL of your products? Make them come alive with your personal testimony. Clients respect your opinion and expertise more than anyone, so next time you’re trying to sell retail…just “show and tell”.

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