As the Chair Turns

The Leadership Program


Our custom-designed program is self-guided and user-friendly, loaded with Inspiration, Education and Timeless Tips to help GUIDE your LEADERS to a new movement—Engaged Learning Made Simple.


The Problem

Today’s technology-driven society has dramatically changed the way youth communicate. One-on-one interaction has been replaced with texting, tweeting and emailing. The problem is, engaging with people is our business, and without great communication skills, and the ability to adapt and adjust to human experiences, the odds of producing successful cosmetologists are lessened.


The Solution

Equip your students for success by implementing a new and engaging learning program.  As the Chair Turns: the Leadership Manual is a teaching module that goes beyond the school’s curriculum, training your leaders how to teach the essential “Soft Skills” of the business.

We provide your leaders with fun, interactive and engaging activities that support the overall educational experience. Our program develops salon-ready professionals by helping them discover principles for success that go beyond the beauty school program, including comfortable interactions, and valuable personal and professional messages.

  • Be the school salons and industry professionals are talking about, with highly trained, motivated, and engaging graduates.
  • Empower your leadership team to produce high energy, greater enthusiasm and a renewed passion for teaching.
  • Make a REAL difference in the lives of your students by providing them with all-important interpersonal communications skills.


The Plan

Our plan is to create a learning environment that helps bring growth and vibrancy to the classroom. We teach your leaders HOW to improve performance and behaviors through our interactive activities. This involvement socially connects students and teachers and opens the door for in-depth discussions and healthy competition, in addition to self-discovery, self-confidence and social interaction.


WHY is Engagement Education Important?

  • Better grades and connection to students!
  • Positive, Fun, Interactive, Educational Learning!
  • Increase successful participation and morale
  • Reduces drop outs!
  • More graduates on time and salon ready
  • Students feel more satisfied with beauty college experience
  • More marketable, motivated and excited!
  • Students learn to develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills!


We practice what we preach.

Personal support and communication is not just a part of our program, it’s a part of our promise. We are dedicated to your success and offer the support needed to help your leaders get classroom results, providing:

  • On-site program launch
  • Personal coaching calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Monthly progress calls
  • Owner review
  • Reward Program


The Offer

Full Day Instructor Introduction Workshop to include:

  • In-depth instruction on incorporating As the Chair Turns: The Leadership Manual into existing curriculums
  • Full overview of goals and objectives for teacher and student sections
  • Presentation on the importance of student/teacher connection increase knowledge retention and cosmetology field motivation
  • Interactive demonstrations of student activities
  • On-site facilitation of lessons

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Instruction Manual

This comprehensive manual will help improve, engage and inspire your teachers to create a fun and easy educational learning experience. Our PLAY with Purpose will deliver the practical life lessons that students need to accomplish their goals and develop good habits that make the defining difference to their success. Manuals contain all activities, lesson plans, goals, and useful tips to engage students daily.


The Promise

We believe in Engaged Learning made Simple. We capture the learning experience by engaging your STUDENT and TEACHER with the human touch. No matter who you are as a leader, you absolutely have the power to change the lives of a student!

This is the foundation that helps to shape a promising

future for today’s cosmetologist!

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