Expand Your Leadership Skills for Success!
(Designed to upgrade and inspire leaders to their full potential)


Learn how to develop strong and confident leadership skills that gain respect and make a difference in productivity. These quick tips will help you take action and implement new habits that will make a defining difference in your career.

Are you an Effective Leader?

Questions to ask your self…

Are you asking yourself the right questions about where to focus your efforts in order to become an effective leader? Are you clear in how you want to communicate your vision? Learning to lead by being a living example for students and digging deeper to understand what is most important in being an effective leader.

Together we will set the foundation for your personal goals of leadership by:

Vision… Learning to see it clearly.
Strategy… What will it take to get you there?
Priorities… How are we going to make it happen?

Staying true to yourself in the development of leadership is the core goal of this program. This is an open forum class. Together we share progressive ideas to help maintain and excel our leadership skills! The goal is to… Learn /Move on/ and Grow as a leader! To network with your peers and take action on the fresh ideas that have helped others move forward in their personal journey to success. You will be invited to share your stories and encourage others to try new strategies to implement in their teaching skills.

My main mission is to contribute to the image, growth and development of the beauty professionals. My desire is to be the bridge to help them achieve their dreams.

Leaders in Motion…

This segment we will “Get Moving”. The goal is to create, share, and challenge leaders to the next level. Together we will break out and share our visions and share our challenges to see how we can help each other improve our leadership skills for successful teaching as well as embrace change to enhance our personal development.

The second half will be filled with big fun activities. This is designed to share creative freedom, to let your spirit shine, and let your guard down. You will be challenged to ignite your own courage and…

Super-size your skills to become a Super Star leader!

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