Are Your Students Industry-Ready?

(Designed to take instructors on a 10 point checklist
to ensure the success of today’s students)


A check list to build stellar students! Learn the value of Soft Skills and how they can have a profound effect on one’s career. These timeless tips build the foundation needed in order to help shape a promising future for today’s cosmetologist.

Experience the everlasting passion and learn new ways to reinvent yourself and Reclaim your own passion to better communicate the vision for your students!

  • Share ideas on building confidence in students.
  • Learn how to help students stand out like a super star!
  • Maximize the potential for student career Path.
  • Discover ways to set the sail for a better you!
  • Develop new philosophies to reclaim enthusiasm for your purpose to lead!

In this class you will learn valuable topics to include in your daily teaching. Together we share progressive ideas to help motivate and inspire students to their full potential, learning concepts that go beyond the school format. The goal is to… Learn /Move on/ and Grow as a leader; to network with your peers and take action on the fresh ideas that have helped others move forward in their personal journey to success. You will be invited to share your stories and encourage others to try new strategies to implement in their teaching skills.

My main mission is to contribute to the image, growth, and development of the beauty professionals. My desire is to be the bridge to help them achieve their dreams.

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