Designed to get your students Rockin in their Career!


A Totally AWESOME Beauty School Program!


Class is in session when this bell rings.  Kathy brings on  a fresh perspective and all the energy and excitement that the new generation can handle. She will motivate, educate and engage your students to understand what makes the defining difference to the success of today’s cosmetologist. This class guarantee’s results in the attitudes and performance of your students.

You can expect:


  • Simple…
  • Powerful…
  • Memorable education with your students participating in the educational learning experience!




  • Provide students an overview and understanding of the ‘soft skills’ needed to succeed


  • To offer information about career choices and all of the opportunites in the Beauty and Cosmetology industry


  • Learn skills on business, professional and personal development and to strengthen self image


  • To help asses students career objectives as well as their strengths and weaknesses



As a strong motivating force, a former cosmetology instructor, an experienced, multi-dimensional professional and a proven industry leader, Kathy Jager will deliver high-energy inspiration and passion for the field – all designed to encourage students to identify their career goals and the actions needed to embark on a winning path.


She believes she can help to make next years event an excellent educational experience!

“The Leader Who Shares Experience Ensures A  Bright Future and Leaves A Legacy of Success“-unknown





Check out what students are saying about our Awesome “Rockin the Shop” Class…


  • Kathy Jager is a Rockstar! I enjoyed the presentation immensely! —Lori D

  • You are truly an inspiration to every inspiring professional. —Jessie

  • Stay yourself because you have me convinced to be the best! —Tanya

  • Thank you for motivating me today, when I needed it the most… —Amarina

  • This presentation helped me because I now know I have the opportunity and ability to be someone in life like you; it gives me motivation! You are a model to follow! —Rosa

  • Loved that this class wasn’t “sanitized” it was real life. Awesome! – Rachel

  • You can really tell that she cares about our future! —Elise Sabatino


Kathy Jager

Contact us: 708-687-7263 OR 708-259-3030

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